Day: June 4, 2012

Dancing queen

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{dress rehearsal makeup}

{dress rehearsal hair}

{dress rehearsal..partial outfit}

{dress rehearsal…cowgirl ballerina!}

{recital day…lots of sweet dances…can you see Angel in the middle?}

{my little sweetie}

{angel with mom and dad…picture taken by caleb}

{she was so excited to receive flowers!}

{caleb got her the purple flower in the above picture… he was so proud of his big sister!}

{our sweet little dancer}

{grama barb and angel}

{daddy walking with kids back to van}

{we let angel pick the restaurant for lunch… she choose hibachi grill}

{caleb isn’t too impressed yet}

{whoa that was cool!}

{someone was a little bit tired and crabby}

{but then she was happy}

{we are so proud of our girl!}