Love me a love day

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It only took me about 37 years to grow up and learn to appreciate my amazing husband, even when he doesn’t bring me flowers or plan dates. And sure enough the past two Valentine’s Days he’s brought me flowers. Funny how things (God) works like that.

So today was good. No expectations. Just fun sharing the love.

Oh but wait. I guess there were expectations and false assumptions made.

I had been planning to make a special meal for the family – heart-shaped everything. But if Pat was planning to take me out I didn’t want to ruin that surprise. So I sent him a text, “Should I do our special meal for lunch or supper?”

He text back “lunch :)”

Awesome. That must mean he’s taking me out on a date!

So he comes home for lunch today and I decide I better just double-check that he’s got everything lined up.

“So we’re going out tonight?”

Dear husband lifts his head up and displays deer in the headlight look.

“Um, it’s Thursday night.”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day. I thought when you said to have our special meal for lunch that meant that you were taking me out for supper.”

“Well I thought our special lunch was going to be just you and me special!”

Oh dear. There might have been once or twice when I’ve invited him home for lunch, put the kids in front of the TV and we’ve locked our bedroom door.

Ahem. Sorry, too much information, huh.

Well anyway, at least we were both guilty of unrealistic expectations. HAHA.

So back to the point of this story. The kids and I started our love day by making Valentine cards for Daddy. And then we made cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Of the slice and bake variety of course. We wrapped up some of the cookies and walked over to our new neighbors to share some love.



Daddy came home from lunch and we enjoyed heart shaped pineapple, jello and sandwiches. Ok, the sandwiches weren’t heart shaped but I had cut a little heart into the top of the bun. That counts, right!?


Oh yes, I can’t forget, Daddy brought me flowers and a card. See how that works. Pretty sweet huh. And then I informed him that yellow symbolized friendship. He said, “Well you are my best friend.”

Ok, that counts.


After lunch we played on and colored and then the kids went to Grama Barb’s and I ran some errands. Really important errands. Like wandering around Target.


A girl can dream, right?

Daddy brought home supper. Woo hoo!


Next up for our love day. Charades! Oh my word, so funny! It was a little hard since the kids can’t read, so we found a bunch of flash cards and also some of the kids’ encyclopedia books to help us pick what we had to act out. Once the kids got the hang of it they did a great job and the game went on and on and on and on and on. 🙂

It was a great love day. Just a little bit sad when I made the mistake of stopping in the card isle. Way too many Grandparent and parent cards. But we have so much to be thankful for. Most of all the love of our Heavenly Father, a love that will never end.


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    سليم said:
    April 11, 2013 at 6:34 am

    الحب الحقيقي لمن يستحق

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