Last night I was the tooth fairy

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We found out a few weeks ago that Angel had to have a root canal done. It’s not called a root canal because it’s a baby tooth, but basically the same thing. I think it was called crazy something.

Angel has been in so much pain. It’s been waking her up at night and I talked to them a few days ago and we decided it was probably better (smarter?) to just pull it.

So yesterday was the big day. She was so nervous as like most people in the world she hates the dentist. Before we went in we prayed in the car and she prayed too… “God please help me to not be scared and make it all better.”

Thank you Jesus for her sweet faith.

We have a great God and a huge faith in Him, but we still need the happy gas at the dentist! Here she is getting all happy gassed up. And listening to the dentist’s music, otherwise known as the radio. I had asked her before hand if she wanted to listen to the music on mommy’s phone because I have a kid’s playlist that we listen to a lot. She said, “No, the dentist has GREAT music!”


She was so funny! And she was so brave! I was so proud of her. Afterwards though she said it hurt and so we had a rough couple of hours.


“Don’t look at my mouth mama.”

Her appointment was at 9:00 am and by noon she was feeling better the Motrin was kicking in! And it’s a good thing because yesterday at school was their field trip to a gymnastics place. I snuck in during it and she was feeling great!


The evening was also great. She is like a totally different person. I feel so bad for all the times I was impatient with her the past few weeks – she was just in so much pain!

So last night I got to play tooth fairy. Since the kids don’t really get the concept of money yet we decided to get her a book. Thankfully she was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quick. It was so fun sneaking in there.

Sure enough she woke up in the middle of the night, sometime around 3:00 am, like she always does, and she comes running downstairs to tell us the tooth fairy came.

“The tooth fairy came!”

Pat wakes up and says, “Where?!”


Then Angel says, “She brought me a book and she took my tooth!”

Except of course she was yelling the whole time because she was so excited! And don’t tell her but the tooth fairy put her tooth in my special memory box. Ya, it’s kinda gross, but I just couldn’t make myself, or I mean the tooth fairy just couldn’t make herself throw it away yet.

I’m not sure if it’s actually legal for the tooth fairy to come when you lose a tooth because it was so decayed it had to be pulled! But I guess we’ll make an exception this one time. Or I guess we already did make an exception, huh.

Last night at bedtime Caleb prayed, “Please God help me lose all my teeth so I can get lots of presents.”

Oh dear. What have we done.



One thought on “Last night I was the tooth fairy

    Matthew Chiglinsky said:
    February 24, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    It’s amazing to hear someone mention the tooth fairy and Jesus at the same time without realizing the obvious similarity between the two. They are both fictional characters that parents teach their children to believe in when they are young but which the more intelligent children eventually figure out are nothing but fantasy.

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