Month: March 2013

He holds my hand

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This morning Caleb was sitting with me, holding tight to my hand.

They are growing up so fast. Getting more and more independent by the minute. But they still like cuddles, kisses and holding hands. I know that the day will come when they’ll roll their eyes and think we are gross parents and they don’t need us. They’ll think they won’t need to hold our hand.

As parents of little ones and also of grown up kids, I know that we will always long to be there for our kids. To encourage them and pray with them. We will always be there to offer a hand to hold.

How much more does our Heavenly Father long to walk with us through our days? He longs to take our hand and lead us to the Living Water that brings hope and peace and life. He longs for us to reach up from the pit we are in, He is extending His hand to rescue us.

That’s what this weekend is all about. Yes we’ll hide eggs and probably eat way too much. But let us not forget that it’s about His hands.

His hands that grasped his mother’s finger in the manger. His sin-less hands that walked this earth, that learned the ways of a carpenter. His hands that loved and healed and served. His hands that soothed the hurting and the sick and those drowning in their sin (that would be you).

His hands that carried the cross up the hill. His hands that endured ridicule and mocking and pain. His hands that were nailed.

His hands that reached out to the repentant thief on the other cross, that reaches out to you. His hands that promise eternal life.

His hands that were bloody and broken. His hands that His mother had to wash and wrap in clothes and bury in the tomb.

His loving, powerful, forgiving, hope-filled, God hands that rolled the stone away.

His hands that say, “Come, follow me. Leave the things of this world that promise the love and hope and peace you long for. It’s only through me that you will really find what you are looking for.”

His hands. Hands that forgive the prideful, the adulterer, the selfish. Hands that sooth away the pain and shame of a past too horrible to even talk about. Hands that reach through despair and grief and bring hope and healing.

Remember His hands this weekend. Give thanks for His hands.

And if you’ve never felt the love, the soothing power, the indescribable hope that is found through His hands; reach out. Reach up. He is there, holding out His hand.

His beautiful, pierced hands that are open to you and to me.


Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Well isn’t that special.

Tracy got a letter in the mail yesterday that our estate lawyer is no longer allowed to practice law and so he can’t be our lawyer anymore.

Um, what?

We think that we are ok without even getting a new one though. With the sale of the house and the boats everything will be taken care of. And thankfully we are a pretty awesome family (hee hee) and don’t have alot of the same fighting issues that some families have. By the grace of God, we try to remember that “the most important things in life aren’t things.”

So we’ll see how that all turns out. We are still working on taxes – the first half of the year for Mom and Dad and the second half of the year for the estate. Thankfully that’s a different guy, but I still need to meet with him again and see where we are at there. Mom and Dad’s house is officially on the market so if you know anyone that might be interested please let me know!

In other news, we’ve had a bunch of sickies at our house lately. Angel was up all night Thursday night. Caleb was up all night Saturday night and then I started feeling a little ucky Sunday morning. Thankfully it didn’t get to be too bad but Caleb was sick Monday too. Of course I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and so I was feeling like a zombie. My hubby is beyond awesome though and he came home early Monday so I could go get groceries and also take a nap.


This is how Caleb spent most of Sunday and Monday…sprawled out on the floor or snuggling with mama. Definitely weird and sad to see my rambunctious 4-year old so out of it! Do you see Molly there cuddling with him? : )


Before the sick got us, we had a pretty busy Saturday. Angel had a birthday party for her friend Sulmy. Look at all those girls!


While Angel was at the party Pat, Caleb and I went to the Washington Pavilion for Ag Day! We were a little shy of the cows and Caleb had to answer a question to get a prize. The lady asked him what a pig says. He said, “I don’t know.”

Oh my word.


The Tornado guy was also there and that was very cool! Pat and I love watching his show and so we had to get a picture!


After the long winter and the kids being sick so much, we’ve decided to get serious about our eating habits. Yesterday when I got groceries, everything I bought was organic or real food and nothing had more than 5 ingredients. I’ve been inspired by this website. I’m also so tired of feeling like crap and I think 80% of it is because I eat like crap. Duh, right!?


Sunday was Palm Sunday and Angel got to walk in to church with all the Preschoolers waving palm branches. Caleb was pretty bummed he didn’t get to go but we did get to take a palm home for him.


In case I don’t say it enough, I love my family.





The one with all of Mom’s comments, part one

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My parents were so awesome. Yes, they had their faults. And one of the most awesome things about them, is that they would be the first to admit their faults. But they were so encouraging and motivating and “what the heck are you thinking” type parents.  The other day I was messing around on this here blog and I found a page that showed me the top commenters. Mom had the third most comments with 78.  I clicked on Mom’s profile and it showed me every comment she ever left.

It was amazingly awesome to read through all the comments. Honestly, it wasn’t even sad. Because she was so stinkin’ funny and so in love with Jesus and it just radiates through every comment. It totally made my day.

And so I thought I should share all those comments with you.  Well ok, not all the comments, because some of them won’t really make sense.  And after going through alot of them I think I’ll leave the link to the original post. Yes. Yes this post is going to be very long.  How about we start with part 1 and see how far we get. And maybe you’ll have to come back and finish reading. But I hope that you too are blessed by reading Mom’s comments and remembering what an awesome gift from God she was to us!

One last thing, if you know someone, or you yourself struggle with depression, please read down to the comment about that. I know that you will be encouraged!


~This is the last comment she left me. Which is of course pretty amazing. It was after I learned that I didn’t get into the nursing program and then they discontinued the two-year program.  I could read this every single day, especially now as it seems the Lord is calling us to something new, and it’s such an encouragement. (And actually it’s not the last comment. She left one other one, but sent it in an email. And maybe I’ll share that some time.) (Original post)

Nope….., rejection is not fun. But I say opportunities are!!!!! I’m excited that God closed the door of nursing school to you, because I wonder what amazing opportunity He is taking you to! I can hardly wait and see! (“God works ALL things together for those that love and serve the Lord.” Romans 8:28)

~This was when I posted about our weekend at the Sportsmen’s Show. Mom and Dad had a booth for their rental house and the kids hung out with them for awhile. (Original post)

Hey, you left out the part about Caleb wanting to walk through the campers a hundred zillion times and Angel ‘ralphing’ and then almost fainting way up in the bleachers when we were walking around! Oh, and what about when Caleb was under the table, in his ‘tent’, and sticking a 2 X 4 out in the aisle, almost tripping our perspective customers! (:) (Oh, didn’t you know about that?) haha

~Angel cut her hair! (Original post)

Nellie, I know you always read Missy’s blog. I started to tell Angel about the time when you were her age and YOU cut YOUR hair!!!! You really chopped your bangs off! But then I thought better of telling her, because she wants to be like her Aunt Nellie! (:)

~Angel, her cousin Janai and I went to a Disney show. Mom was supposed to go but then wasn’t able to. 😦  (Original post)

Wow, this is so cool! I wish I could have been there to see Angel’s face! And I’m so glad Janai got to experience it with you! Yes, this is definitely a lifetime memory for those two (and you too!) …… and I LOVE it that you dressed up1 so cool! You are an awesome Mommy and an awesome special person in Janai’s life!

~This was when we went through all the cat drama and then realized Caleb was allergic. This one makes me laugh so much! (First original post. Second original post.)

I’m supposed to tell you from your Dad: ‘Henry’s a pig name, not a cat name!’

Maybe you should get a pig. I think they’re hypoallergenic. You could name him Henry, according to your Dad.
Sorry for the sick humor. Poor Angel and Caleb.

~Update on Caleb. (Original post)

Loved reading about Caleb! Yep. He is something else. What a character!!!! Determined. Funny. Charming. Stubborn. Smart. Handsome. (Hey, it sounds like I’m describing your hubby! (:)
I’m still smiling over the last time we had him and Angel, and he was negotiating with me about stopping for ice cream BEFORE going to supper! What a smooth talker, I probably would have given in to him if my good senses hadn’t taken over! Your children are SO AMAZING, Missy! God has been faithful. You believed, and obeyed and waited. And God has rewarded you with these incredible children! BUT…. I do have to give you and Pat some credit! You guys are GREAT parents! Love you!

~(Original post)

I LOVE Psalm 34:18…. always have. Thanks for wisdom-filled post!

~(Original post)

I say it’s great theology. It’s the Prodigal son. And it’s the Father lavishing His love and blessings on you now.

~Letter to Angel and Caleb. (Original post)

AMEN, Missy! And you and Pat are doing such a fantastic job raising those two precious ones to love Jesus! And that is by far the most important thing you can do for those children! Because we all know how the morals of this world are slipping so fast, and I just wonder what it will be like when Angel and Caleb are teenagers? Yes, grow them up strong and confident in the love of Jesus! Love you Missy!

~Dealing with the big D word. (Original post)

Missy, I’m so sorry you’re suffering. There’s no easy answer to this. I just want you to know that many great men and women of God have suffered with this.
Martin Luther himself endured many instances of depression. He described the experience in varied terms: melancholy, heaviness, depression, dejection of spirit; downcast, sad, downhearted. He suffered in this area for much of his life and often revealed these struggles in his works. Evidently he did not think it a shameful problem to be hidden. A good article:

Charles Spurgeon suffered debilitating bouts of depression all his life.

• “God is to me the Great Unknown. I believe in him, but I find him not.”—Adoniram Judson, America’s first foreign missionary.

David was overwhelmed with grief and sadness, his heart was desolate, and his tears fell all night (Psa. 61:2, 77:2-3, 142:4, and 143:4). Jonah, Jeremiah (Jer. 15), Job, and Elijah (I Kings 19) are other examples. Whenever characters express rejection, loneliness, self-pity, hopelessness, overwhelming grief, and wish they had not been born, it seems they are expressing more than temporary sadness but classic symptoms of major depression. Paul had classic symptoms: his flesh had no rest, he was troubled on all sides, he was cast down, he had fears within, and he despaired of life (II Cor. 1:8 & 7:5-6). Hannah (I Samuel 1) had many of the symptoms of depression and her spiritual leader instantly and incorrectly accused her of a spiritual problem.

• “Cursed be the day in which I was born!”—Jeremiah

• “It is enough! Now, Lord, take my life.”—Elijah

• “Conflicts without, fears within” … depressed.—Paul the apostle, in 2 Corinthians 7:6 (NASV)

The non-depressed rarely understand the unrelenting pain involved, the feelings of hopelessness, and think the person should just pick themselves up and get over it. It is not that easy. In fact, when that part of the brain that mediates emotions is not functioning properly, medical help (not criticism) is often needed. from the article:

Missy, when I was struggling so much with my depressions and anxiety, and I didn’t feel God’s presence, you were always there, telling me the thing I will tell you now: God is with you! Jesus is holding you! He will not let you walk through this valley alone!

~Video for Mom. (Original Post)

I love it! Except I gotta pick myself off the floor from laughing so hard at the way Caleb wrapped it all up!

~Angel loving Jesus. (Original Post)

Yes, that precious little girl loves Jesus! I’ve seen it myself when she prays. Missy, tell Angel I’ll write some music for her little song and we’ll do special music together! (:)

~Following Caleb’s lead (Original post)

Wow Missy! Powerful post! THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE TO BLOG! We all feel these exact same things! And you have such a gift to express it in words for all of us! I love the comment from Erika, ‘God can keep transforming us till our last day’! Keep it up Missy. Keep being that open book. You are one of God’s ‘scribes’! (:)

Ha, I don’t know about that Mom. But yes, I’ll keep blogging. Love you.


Life lately in pictures

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Angel had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago and the other day she had to get a spacer put in so that her teeth stay straight until her permanent ones come in.



Bubba loves his Molly moo moo.


Angel with her friend Estee at a birthday party. Caleb was on the other side but as soon as they started winging he started screaming crying because he gets really motion sickness!


Eating chocolate chip cookies while reading Women’s Health magazine. There’s got to be something morally wrong about that.


I want this shirt! Pat always says to me, “Why you ackin’ so cray cray?!” So much so, that Caleb has started saying it. Nice, huh.


Molly moo moo got her hair chopped off. Now she looks like a little rat dog. But she’s still cute. Most of the time.


Once a month Angel’s school has a review day where the parents come to listen to what the kids have learned. In February Pat was able to go and Angel was SO happy!



You’d think he’d get a headache. He does this all the time.


We are serious about celebrating Pi Day at our house. One year Hols and I made Pi Day cupcakes. This year I celebrated by myself with an enormous piece of pie.


My baby girl with her baby girl.


Morning prayer. My mom took this off her mom’s bathroom mirror after she died. I found it on Mom’s bathroom mirror after her and Dad died. Now it’s on my bathroom mirror. Lord willing, Angel and Caleb have many more years til they have to take it off my bathroom mirror! : )