Birthday cake with Jesus

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Today is Papa’s birthday.

We  miss you so much Papa. You never wanted us to do anything special for your birthday. You were so humble and cared most about taking care of your family.

Unfortunately today we won’t be able to be together for your birthday. Nellie is in Aberdeen, Tracy is in Alabama at Indoor Track Nationals and Jim and Leana are of course in Florida. But we’ll be together in spirit, and we have so many memories to remember today. So many ways to be thankful for the amazing Dad and Papa that you were.

{The kids on Buck and Gracie, one of the first times. Dad didn’t even have saddles yet. This was December 2010.}

{Dad’s favorite place in the world – driving the boat with his family.}

{I wasn’t going to show this entire video, just the beginning part of Dad waving. But I can’t find just that video. So I’m going to just post the entire video. Many of you weren’t at the funeral and so didn’t get to see it anyway.}

We love you Dad. Enjoy your cake with Jesus. We can’t wait to celebrate together again!



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