Road trip

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As you read about here, last Wednesday was Dad’s birthday. We were going to drive up to Aberdeen but we had stuff at church Wednesday night and so went up Thursday morning.

We were up early, all of us except Pat still in pjs and on the road by 6:30 am. It was our first road trip with Molly and she did such a good job. She loves riding in the car!


We got to Aberdeen just before 10am and picked up Nellie to take her to an appointment. And then it was off to Mavericks for lunch! Danelle and her ex-husband used to own it together, and now Danelle is the general manager. We love Mavericks! We enjoyed their buffet for lunch and it was so good!


After stuffing ourselves we took Nellie to another appointment and then went to the hotel so the kids could swim. Our original plan was for all of us to stay at the hotel but then a few days before our trip Nellie called to say that she wanted the kids to stay with her so Pat and I could have a date and a good nights sleep.

Ok sister, but you’re gonna have to twist my arm!

After swimming we made a trip to the store to load up on sugar snacks for the kiddos, picked up hot dogs and strawberries for them for supper and headed back to Danelle’s place.  We hung out for awhile but then headed out for a movie and dinner just the two of us.  I don’t think the kids missed us much.


That’s Charlie. He’s like 14 and deaf and almost blind. It’s so stinkin’ funny cause Nellie will have to put her head close to his and yell at him, “CHARLIE DO YOU WANT TO GO OUTSIDE?” Hahaha. And he still doesn’t hear.  Charlie was not too impressed with little Miss Molly!

Pat and I went to the movie Dark Skies. I saw about 1/4 of it because it was scary and so I held our bag of popcorn in front of my face most of the movie. Pat thought this was so funny. I don’t think so. I don’t like scary movies. The things we do for love, right?

We were in bed by 10 pm and I didn’t move until 8 am when my alarm went off. Thank you Jesus! And thank you Aunt Nellie!

Friday Nellie and I had hair appointments. Her friend did my hair last time we were up there and I loved it, so she’s my new hair person. Good excuse to go see my sister, right!?


After hair appointments we went and ate lunch at…wait for it…


Woo hoo! And once again we all ordered the buffet. A. MAZE. ING!



Not so amazing for the whole eat healthy count your calories thing, but oh well. After lunch it was back to Nellie’s apartment. Right about that time we got word from someone who was interested in buying Mom and Dad’s house in Chamberlain. They were wanting to go out to look at it. Um, sorry, we haven’t cleaned it in two months, please call back later.

Well ok, we obviously didn’t say that. We said absolutely we will jump in the car and meet you in Chamberlain. While we talked back and forth via email the kids enjoyed just hanging out at Nellie’s.


Eventually it was decided that because of the weather we wouldn’t meet them in Chamberlain and we decided that we too should get on the road for home.  It wasn’t long enough but it was a great trip to see Aunt Nellie.

And a very exhausting trip. This was what we saw less than two miles out of Aberdeen. Good times with Aunt Nellie!




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