Life lately in pictures

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Angel had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago and the other day she had to get a spacer put in so that her teeth stay straight until her permanent ones come in.



Bubba loves his Molly moo moo.


Angel with her friend Estee at a birthday party. Caleb was on the other side but as soon as they started winging he started screaming crying because he gets really motion sickness!


Eating chocolate chip cookies while reading Women’s Health magazine. There’s got to be something morally wrong about that.


I want this shirt! Pat always says to me, “Why you ackin’ so cray cray?!” So much so, that Caleb has started saying it. Nice, huh.


Molly moo moo got her hair chopped off. Now she looks like a little rat dog. But she’s still cute. Most of the time.


Once a month Angel’s school has a review day where the parents come to listen to what the kids have learned. In February Pat was able to go and Angel was SO happy!



You’d think he’d get a headache. He does this all the time.


We are serious about celebrating Pi Day at our house. One year Hols and I made Pi Day cupcakes. This year I celebrated by myself with an enormous piece of pie.


My baby girl with her baby girl.


Morning prayer. My mom took this off her mom’s bathroom mirror after she died. I found it on Mom’s bathroom mirror after her and Dad died. Now it’s on my bathroom mirror. Lord willing, Angel and Caleb have many more years til they have to take it off my bathroom mirror! : )




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