Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Well isn’t that special.

Tracy got a letter in the mail yesterday that our estate lawyer is no longer allowed to practice law and so he can’t be our lawyer anymore.

Um, what?

We think that we are ok without even getting a new one though. With the sale of the house and the boats everything will be taken care of. And thankfully we are a pretty awesome family (hee hee) and don’t have alot of the same fighting issues that some families have. By the grace of God, we try to remember that “the most important things in life aren’t things.”

So we’ll see how that all turns out. We are still working on taxes – the first half of the year for Mom and Dad and the second half of the year for the estate. Thankfully that’s a different guy, but I still need to meet with him again and see where we are at there. Mom and Dad’s house is officially on the market so if you know anyone that might be interested please let me know!

In other news, we’ve had a bunch of sickies at our house lately. Angel was up all night Thursday night. Caleb was up all night Saturday night and then I started feeling a little ucky Sunday morning. Thankfully it didn’t get to be too bad but Caleb was sick Monday too. Of course I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and so I was feeling like a zombie. My hubby is beyond awesome though and he came home early Monday so I could go get groceries and also take a nap.


This is how Caleb spent most of Sunday and Monday…sprawled out on the floor or snuggling with mama. Definitely weird and sad to see my rambunctious 4-year old so out of it! Do you see Molly there cuddling with him? : )


Before the sick got us, we had a pretty busy Saturday. Angel had a birthday party for her friend Sulmy. Look at all those girls!


While Angel was at the party Pat, Caleb and I went to the Washington Pavilion for Ag Day! We were a little shy of the cows and Caleb had to answer a question to get a prize. The lady asked him what a pig says. He said, “I don’t know.”

Oh my word.


The Tornado guy was also there and that was very cool! Pat and I love watching his show and so we had to get a picture!


After the long winter and the kids being sick so much, we’ve decided to get serious about our eating habits. Yesterday when I got groceries, everything I bought was organic or real food and nothing had more than 5 ingredients. I’ve been inspired by this website. I’m also so tired of feeling like crap and I think 80% of it is because I eat like crap. Duh, right!?


Sunday was Palm Sunday and Angel got to walk in to church with all the Preschoolers waving palm branches. Caleb was pretty bummed he didn’t get to go but we did get to take a palm home for him.


In case I don’t say it enough, I love my family.






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