Good news and bad news

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Good news and bad news today.

Good news is I came across these hilarious images. Including this one, which is my favorite. Not because I have ever eaten an entire sleeve of thin mints.  At least not in one sitting.


The bad news is that the high was not 75 today. In case you aren’t in the area it’s been raining, sleeting and snowing all day. It’s super cold. Trees are covered in ice and power is going out everywhere. It’s the kind of day where you just want to stay in pj’s, snuggle under the covers, watch movies and eat thin mints carrots.


Day one and day two of our healthy eating, exercising lifestyle hasn’t went exactly according to plans. Yesterday I did stay right at my allotted calories (1200). A friend suggested using My Fitness Pal instead of Livestrong and I do like it alot better. Pat and I were going to get up and do Jillian but that didn’t happen. I worked last night so I didn’t get up this morning either. And with the weather we of course weren’t going to venture out for a walk.

Today I’ve slipped a little with eating. We were running late on the way to school for the kids so we went through McDonalds. I did make a good choice and ordered the grilled chicken sandwich AND I only ate 1/2 of it! But I also had twenty two fries and a medium coke. UG!

I still had about 400 calories to go for supper and snack and I had good intentions. That counts right? I packed a healthy supper and snack but then with all this ice and cold I just couldn’t help myself and I got a cookie and another Coke on my supper break. UG! UG!

But I’m not going to beat myself up too much. Because I did only eat 1/2 the cookie and threw away the rest. Now granted it was a huge cookie but still. And I didn’t drink all the pop.  And I could go on a major power walk on my break tonight, which would burn about 75 calories.

I do however think this is a little better indication of my fitness plan these past two days.


Ha ha ha!

Tomorrow the bad weather continues and I’m sure school will be cancelled for the kids. But thankfully I was able to run to the store today and get us stocked up on lots of yummy fruits and veggies, and maybe we’ll even break out the Jillian.

Or maybe we’ll just look at funny pictures on Pinterest.

funny-fat-cat-let-me-eat-you-cute-kitten-pics fitness-motivation-funny-motivator-exercise-my-world-images-51911

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