Day: May 1, 2013

A sneak peek

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A week ago we were thinking we’d never find ourselves a home to purchase.

Today we are the proud (and scared) owners of an acreage!

Thank you Jesus!

Help us Jesus! : )

We weren’t going to sign papers until the 15th of this month but the lawyer who drew up the papers was going to be out of town and then the owners told us we might as well just sign papers today and it’s ours! Wow! So after signing papers today we drove over to the new place to show Pat’s mom. And to take pictures of course!

The view from the front.


It’s a 3 bedroom with double attached garage. That little thing on the end is a greenhouse but we’ll probably just use it for storage. And then there’s another single garage that’s attached to the shop. That will be Pat’s own little hideaway. Behind the double garage is an extra room they built on, which is where we’ll eventually put the laundry (it’s in the basement right now). That will also be our craft/work/art/school room. We are all very excited to have our very own special room for that type of fun stuff!

This is inside the greenhouse.


The kitchen.


We’ll need to redo the cupboards and also eventually get new appliances. That door in the back goes to a small bathroom and then through to the master bedroom. One thing we don’t like is that there are two bathrooms but no tub. But Pat has a great idea already of how to pretty easily add a tub to one of the bathrooms. And Cody is an experienced plumber and so we’re sure he’ll be glad to help! : )

This is looking down the hallway to the bedrooms.


3 bedrooms on the main level! Yahoo!!! As you can see we will also be replacing the carpet, hopefully with wood floors as that will really help Caleb’s allergies. The flooring in the kitchen and dining room is pretty nice though so we’ll just do the living room and bedrooms.

This is standing in the living room looking into the dining room and the end of the kitchen. That door there leads to the garage and the extra room. And where the sun is coming in that is the 3 season porch.


A 3 season porch with a hot tub! Woo hoo! : ) We’re not sure it works but we’ll be praying it does!


And then looking out from the little porch off the 3 season room. That’s the chicken coop and the entire property is a little over 2.25 acres.


The chicken coop and the other barn.


The ground is all a mess because they just replaced the septic system. So we’ll have some work to do getting the lawn back. And overall as you can see there is some work to do. But thankfully nothing major and we can take our time. Oh ya, I can’t believe I forgot! Those trees there are apple and peach trees. And to the left of that is a huge garden spot. We are so excited to plant our garden! That will be one of the first things we do!

This is the front north side of the property. On the other side of that fence there is our neighbors who have 3 small kids. You can kinda see the edge of their house. Not too far and not too close!


Our new place is only a few miles from the casino and since we drove right past it on the way back to Sioux Falls we had to stop and celebrate at the buffet! Hopefully we don’t make a habit of that!


We can’t believe we have our own place again. And an acreage even! It’s such a surreal feeling. We are so thankful. We just started packing up and so we won’t really move too much in the next few weeks. Maybe make a few trips. (Who am I kidding, we’ll probably drive out as much as we can! : )) In two weeks we’re getting a big UHaul truck and will move the big stuff, get our rental house cleaned up and then it’ll be official official. Another confirmation for us was that we talked to the landlords a few days ago to give our notice and they said they had decided to sell the house we are renting. So it’s a blessing for them too so they can get it on the market this Spring.

Thanks for your prayers and we appreciate them in the days and weeks to come! And you are always welcome to come visit!