Fixin’ up the farm

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We signed papers for the acreage last week on Wednesday. We aren’t moving our big stuff until May 18th. So we have two weeks here to get some things done. Here is our to do list.

Otherwise known as we are crazy and I hope my husband doesn’t skip the country.

-Laminate flooring in dining room, kitchen, living room and three bedrooms.
-Paint kitchen cupboards
-Redo kitchen counters
-New fridge and stove
Buy microwave (Woo hoo! One thing done!)
-Paint living room walls
-Paint kids’ bedrooms
-Install closet organizer in master bedroom
-New ceiling fans in living room and master bedroom
-New faucets in main bathroom
-Put tub in main bathroom
-Curtains and/or blinds in all the rooms
-Make larger entryway at front door
-New windows
-Move laundry room to family room (extra room)
-Redo flooring in family room
-Get chicken coop ready for chickens
-Paint/redo 3-season room
-Get hot tub working
-Fix/build larger back deck
-Plant garden
-Plant trees
-Put in tire swing
-Prune apple and peach trees
-Seed lawn/pasture

I think that’s all.

Ok obviously this really isn’t our list that we’re going to get done in the next two weeks. That’s more like our “things to get done before the kids graduate from high school.” That sounds more realistic.

We were really going to try to get the laminate floors in before we moved but just decided yesterday we’re going to wait. So really all we want to do is paint. That’s it! And that sounds much better, don’t you think?!  I suppose I should get curtains or blinds up before we move in, but honestly I think hanging sheets up for a while will be just fine until I know for sure what I want.

This Sunday our small group was teasing us that we should have a reality show. Well I don’t think that’s gonna happen (But I’m open to it. Hello HGTV?), but lucky you I’ll probably try to document our progress here.

Although with this type of stuff going on, how could HGTV say no?


Pat and his co-workers. From L-R: Matt, Pat, Barry and Gary. Is that George Costanza?
Photo “taken” by Pat’s co-worker John.

I think we need to add “sell hot tub” to the list, don’t you think?



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