Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” in Iowa like two Pygmy goats

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I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve now got two more kids.

HAHAHA. Come on, that was funny, right?!

Well anyway, since buying the farm (said with a drawl), I’ve taken to looking at the ads on Craigs list under “farm/agriculture”.  The other day I came across an ad for two Pygmy dwarf goats. A little blondie and a little red-head. A boy and a girl.

I quickly sent it to Pat and he quickly said no way.  Well actually this is what he said:

Me: Sent you another email.

Pat: You trying to get my goat?

Me: haha funny. Would be perfect to start with don’t you think?

Pat: Can’t eat goat.

Me: A blondie and a red-head!!

Pat: Can’t eatem.

Me: Please!!!! We can milk em!

Me: Well one of them.



So I reasoned with him that since getting the chicken coop ready is going to take alot of work, maybe we get these two goats now, work on the chicken coop through the summer and fall and get chickens next year. We already have a barn with pens and we can easily put up a little fence off the barn for the goats to have pasture time.

The subject was dropped which meant I figured my chances of bringing these babies home were pretty small.

For Mother’s Day my brother Tracy, the kids and I went up to Aberdeen to see Danelle.  Pat had spent alot of the day at the farm and when we got home he was telling me all about all that he had got done.  And then he said:

“I found some fence. I figure we could fence off a small area off the barn for the goats.”

I give him a strange look.

And then he says:

“Because I think you should have the goats for Mother’s Day.”


I’m sorry I made you read that entirely too long of a boring story. Without further adieu, here are our two new kids, Buck and Gracie.

goat 2

goat 1



One thought on “Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” in Iowa like two Pygmy goats

    Joanne said:
    May 13, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Oh how exciting! I ould love to try goats milk o I will be your first customer!

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