Day: May 14, 2013

And then the farm wife makes lunch with no utensils

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We are all looking forward to this weekend when we officially move out to the farm. (Anyone interested in helping? We’d love to have you join in on the fun! HA! But we will feed you lunch!)

The past two weeks we’ve been going out almost every day, not only bringing out boxes, but also to do some work. Every time we’re out there it just feels so natural and it’s hard to come back to the house in SF.

It’s also been extremely enjoyable to be doing the work that needs done. Painting, cleaning up the yard, planting the garden, working on the lawn mower, cleaning out the barns, cleaning cupboards and counters and walls, etc., etc. I wouldn’t say we were lazy before. Well ok, we were kinda lazy. There’s no more time for lazy though.

Not only is there no more time for lazy, but we’ve been forced to be resourceful. We’ve had lunch out at the farm a couple of times and usually I just bring meat and cheese and bread. Well I got all crazy and decided to make egg salad last weekend. Pat had boiled the eggs when I was at work the night before and I just brought along all the ingredients. I went to make lunch and realized I didn’t have any silverware or utensils.

I started to panic and then realized that I was a farm girl now and needed to just make it work. I did have a pair of scissors and so after cleaning them good I used them to cut up the eggs. After adding the mayo and mustard I just used my hands to mix it up. Of course the kids came running then and thought they needed to help! We also had strawberries and I used the scissors to cut them up.  Then I realized I didn’t have anything to scoop up the egg salad onto the buns. Sure I had my hands, but I didn’t think my family would appreciate that. So I cut a spoon out of a paper plate! It worked great!

Ok, I realize it’s not rocket science. The farm wives of the 1900’s are laughing at me right now.  I guess the farm wives of today are probably laughing at me. But hey, baby steps, right?! Here we are, having our first meal together at the farm!


And here’s some more of what we’ve been doing lately…



After much consideration and stressing out about whether or not to paint, we decided to go for it. And I’m glad we did. Not only does it look so much better (will post before and after pictures later), but it was fun painting with the kids and it was even a calming project, being able to take care of our new place.



The kids and Molly on the hot tub (after we told them ten times to not get on top of the hot tub.) I’m so excited to get moved in and work on this room, the 3-season porch. It needs quite a bit of work but it will be so great when we get it cleaned up and decorated!


Getting a tractor ride from our landlord Darren.


Every farm needs a Superhero! Seriously, how awesome is he!





Pat with his new toy.


Well not really new. It was left there and Darren said we could have it. Pat did a little work to it and it runs like a charm now. And it came with a little trailer so my hubby is having fun with his new toy!

Here’s a little video I took:

Darren also got the garden tilled for us and so last night we tried to do some planting. It’s still pretty dry but we got a few rows of onions planted before it was getting late and time to head for Sioux Falls.


This is about half of my garden. Yippee! I’m so excited. It’s gonna be awesome!  Remind me in August that I said that when veggies are coming out of my ears!

We were finishing cleaning up our mess from painting and gardening and I looked out the front window to see this view.


Oh my word. Thank you Jesus.

I realize that this new adventure we are embarking on will be hard work. And it won’t be without its struggles. But being outside, seeing and hearing (and smelling! yikes!) the beauty of God’s creation… well honestly I don’t think we could ask for a greater blessing in our life right now. We are so thankful.