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Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” in Iowa like two Pygmy goats

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I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve now got two more kids.

HAHAHA. Come on, that was funny, right?!

Well anyway, since buying the farm (said with a drawl), I’ve taken to looking at the ads on Craigs list under “farm/agriculture”.  The other day I came across an ad for two Pygmy dwarf goats. A little blondie and a little red-head. A boy and a girl.

I quickly sent it to Pat and he quickly said no way.  Well actually this is what he said:

Me: Sent you another email.

Pat: You trying to get my goat?

Me: haha funny. Would be perfect to start with don’t you think?

Pat: Can’t eat goat.

Me: A blondie and a red-head!!

Pat: Can’t eatem.

Me: Please!!!! We can milk em!

Me: Well one of them.



So I reasoned with him that since getting the chicken coop ready is going to take alot of work, maybe we get these two goats now, work on the chicken coop through the summer and fall and get chickens next year. We already have a barn with pens and we can easily put up a little fence off the barn for the goats to have pasture time.

The subject was dropped which meant I figured my chances of bringing these babies home were pretty small.

For Mother’s Day my brother Tracy, the kids and I went up to Aberdeen to see Danelle.  Pat had spent alot of the day at the farm and when we got home he was telling me all about all that he had got done.  And then he said:

“I found some fence. I figure we could fence off a small area off the barn for the goats.”

I give him a strange look.

And then he says:

“Because I think you should have the goats for Mother’s Day.”


I’m sorry I made you read that entirely too long of a boring story. Without further adieu, here are our two new kids, Buck and Gracie.

goat 2

goat 1



A Mother’s Legacy

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I’ve started three posts about Mom for Mother’s Day. This isn’t one of them. I just can’t seem to find the words to explain the emotions of this day.

-I’m a mom.
-I’m a step-mom.
-I’m a mom through birth and adoption.
-This is the first year I don’t have my mom on Mother’s Day.

One of the posts I had started writing was things we remembered about Mom. I had asked some of our family to share with me.

But what Danelle told me continues to come back to me. And the more I think about it, the more I think that everyone probably feels the same way. This is what she said:

“I remember that whenever I would stop at the gas station that she worked at, she would get this big smile on her face and say ‘hi nelli!’ Like she hadn’t seen me in 2 months even though Id just seen her the day before! It always made me laugh. And I remember that she prayed for me everyday and her prayers saved my life.”

She was always so happy and excited to see family and friends. But more than anything it was her kids and grand kids that brought her so much joy. Anytime we saw her she really did act like we hadn’t seen her in months. I didn’t probably appreciate it over the years. But now more than anything I miss her infectious smile and the joy she had when she was with us.

She was a prayer warrior. Nellie was right, she prayed every day. She prayed us through some of the most challenging of situations.

And so today when I think about my mom and what it means to be a mom, I remember what Danelle shared. And I pray that I too can leave the legacy that Mom left.

A mom always joyful and excited to see her kids, no matter what was going on her life.

A mom prayer warrior, always on her knees, interceding for her kids, grand kids, family, friends and even strangers.

On this Mother’s Day, as painful as it is to not have Mom here, I rejoice in the blessing of her life and in the amazing blessing of my five kids.

One week to go!

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One week to go until we finally get moved into the new place. We don’t have to be out of the rental house until the end of the month but that’ll give me lots of time to clean.

We went out this morning early as the internet/cable/phone guy was coming out to hook us up. The poor guy got to experience “normal” life. Although I don’t know if “normal” is the correct word.

I was bringing boxes in from the garage and Angel came up to me all sweet like and said there was a problem.

Yes. Yes we do have a problem.


I have no idea how the lid came off. It takes me an hour to get paint lids off. But my kids start playing with a can of paint and two seconds later it opens and spills all over. I texted a picture to Pat and said that maybe we’ll have to redo the flooring right away after all.

Later today I stopped at the store to pick up some things and I texted Pat to see if he needed anything. He said, “Paint remover.”



So after the paint incident we were still waiting on the tv guy and so I sent the kiddos outside. I’m itching to get my garden planted. We worked in the garden spot for a while picking up sticks and attempting to break up the dirt with a pitchfork, a shovel and some other tool thing that was not a rake or a hoe.

{Before heading out to the garden. Seriously how cute is my little farm girl in her shorts and rubber boots!}


Working in the garden without the right tools got old fast, and so next we went over to the chicken coop. Or what is going to be the chicken coop. Right now it’s a pretty big mess that needs cleaned up. But I had some good helpers!

{My little man using his “rake”. Yes. Yes I did let my 4-year old use the pitch fork. I know, probably not smart.}



{Angel snuck a picture of her mama.}


While we were working Angel snuck over to the shop to watch our “landlord” Darren do some work. Do you see her there on the left side with her hands on her hips? She was actually protecting Molly. That little black blob in the middle of the picture. Darren was using a bobcat and tractor and Angel was so worried Molly was going to get run over.


I work this entire weekend and so Pat will be on his own with moving boxes. We found out that the 26′ truck we had reserved for next Saturday isn’t available and the largest they have is 20′. Well isn’t that special. Hopefully something will come available.

{Dear UHaul. Don’t say something is available on your website when it’s not. Ahem.}

Oh ya, I also decided I’m not going to paint. And not because the kids keep dumping out all the paint. And not because I’m lazy. Mostly it’s because I think it’d be better to get settled for a while and it doesn’t really need painted right now.

Ok, maybe it’s because I’m lazy. And also because we went out on Wednesday and I was planning to get all the taping done. Turns out I forgot the house key at the house in Sioux Falls. Thirty-one miles away. Jeez. So the taping didn’t happen and I learned a hard lesson of how far we are from town and it’s time to get myself organized.

Or I can just go find the sledge-hammer and get rid of stress by beating on the old fences where the chicken coop is going to be.


I think I’m gonna love farm life!


A taste of my reality

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One of the many reasons why we won’t be having a reality show!

{Part 1}

{Part 2}