Together again

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The past few days have of course been hard, but being together with my amazing siblings was just what I needed! Nellie got to town Tuesday night. I should say poor Nellie got to town Tuesday night because that meant that she had five nights of no sleep ahead of her.  She’s so awesome about letting the kids sleep with her!


Jim and Leana flew in on Wednesday! Talk about dejavue. The last time we were at the SF airport to pick them up was on June 13 last year. While it was still a little hard reliving those memories, it was obviously a much more joyous occasion this time around. The 6 of us piled into my car and we were off for a day of spending money we don’t have fun!


We had a huge lunch at Chevy’s and then did more shopping. We were trying to “waste” time because we had decided kinda last minute to let the kids participate in Sioux Fall’s weekly track meets. Tracy is one of the guys in charge and so he had to be there anyway and we thought with Danelle, Jim and Leana there to watch, the kids would be super excited.

Here’s Caleb doing the softball throw.


Here’s my husband kissing the cow.


Here’s the kids hugging the cow.


The starting line of their first race – the 50m dash!


Angel getting ready to run.


Caleb ready to run!


Leana took these next two pictures – love them! Her captions:

“Lil flame”


“All the girls love Bubba”


We got home around 7:30 or 8:00 Wednesday night and I think we all crashed. It was going to be a long day on Thursday.

The kids went to Grama Barb’s and the rest of us were on the road for Chamberlain by 8:30 am. We had to clean out the garage and tear down a wall that dad had put up to hide all his crap.


We couldn’t believe how amazing it looked all cleaned out (imagine this completely full). Hopefully having it cleaned up will help us get an offer.


We got done with the garage about 4:00 I think and then just the four of us went down to the river and had some time just to ourselves.



We were obviously all pretty exhausted Thursday night and so it was another early night to bed.

Friday we had more running around to do in town. And I found out some exciting news that I can’t really share with you now, but I will soon. Haha, sorry. So anyway, we decided to go out to eat at the casino to celebrate and of course because it was seafood night. We actually sat at the same table that we sat at the last time we were there with Mom and Dad.  Yes, we do remember those types of things.  And it was kinda like they were with us.

We headed to the farm and now it was time for some real fun.  Caleb played king of the mountain and had to battle Uncle Tracy.



I think Caleb won.

And then we had target practice competitions.


“Hey guys, let’s shoot some guns!”






Hahaha! Leana is so funny!


I’m pretty sure I won. Or not.

Jim and Pat got the fire going shortly after that.



And then we threw Molly in.

HAHA just kidding.





It was such a beautiful night. Eventually the kids, Pat and Leana all went in the house and it was just the four of us. I can’t put in to words what a blessing it was to be all together.  As you probably know we were going to have a party the following day, on Saturday, but we were so thankful that we had decided to cancel it. It was so nice to just be together and not worry about getting things ready for a party. We’d love to have one down the road and I’m sure we will, but on this first anniversary it was good to be just us.

It was also a good thing we cancelled the party because it rained on Saturday. All. Day. Long.  Holly and Timothy came over for the day. We played board games. Watched Duck Dynasty. Made a trip to town for groceries. Jim made us supper Saturday night – amazing!  And just like that it was almost Sunday and Jim, Leana and Danelle were heading for home.

I know that Mom and Dad were smiling down from Heaven, seeing all of us in church together. I sang special music and I was so thankful to have everyone there.


Life goes on.

Cherish each day. Hug your family. Say I love you. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Love God. Love others.

Make each day count, as if it were your last.




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