Papa, Susie and some chickens

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Today is the anniversary of when we found Mom and Dad. But we’re not gonna talk about that.

Instead let’s talk about my unhealthy obsession with acquiring farm animals.

Meet the girls:


Pat and I have been daily looking on Craigslist for some chickens and I came across an ad for some that were pretty cheap. The guy was from NE but he said he would bring them to Sioux Falls. So last weekend we met up with the guy in the parking lot of the Hibachi Supreme Buffet.

That was really weird. And kinda creepy.

But the girls seems to be doing ok and are slowly getting accustomed to the crazy farm.


We don’t have their chicken coop quite done yet, but it’s good enough for a few days until Pat can get it finished.


The kids and I love to just sit in there and hang out with them. We also like to sing to them. So far the song of choice for the kids is “Jesus Loves Me”. This might be the crazy farm, but hey, we’re also gonna have animals that love Jesus!


And we are even getting some eggs! Not many, but that’s to be expected with a change of environment. So far we’ve gotten four and two of them have actually made it to the house without getting broken!


This is Mama.

She is the only one that has a name so far. And she is the boss of the group. We know this because she is the only one that “talks”. She walks around clucking all day, sharing her problems with the entire world. She is pretty funny.


We love our girls and can’t wait until they feel at home and are a little more tame.


As you know from this post, we had planned to get some goats right when we bought the farm. Well then Pat broke his finger and it was all just pretty overwhelming so we decided to hold off for a bit. And the people we were getting the goats from agreed to hold on to them for awhile for us.  We still don’t feel completely ready to bring our goats home, but Pat, Holly and Timothy were able to get a little fenced area done when the kids and I were in Aberdeen the past few days.  So tonight our goats came home!

Meet Papa and Susie.


The kids agreed that those names were perfect. Papa is the dark one. They are actually brother and sister (twins) and I think about a year old. Maybe older because Susie had a baby this Spring. But they are pretty young.  They are also pretty spooked. They spent the entire night in this corner.  But with time they will settle down and get to know us.


We’re all very excited to have these new members in our family! And I’m sure the donkey and lamb that are coming next week will fit right in on the crazy farm too!

Just kidding. (Maybe.)



One thought on “Papa, Susie and some chickens

    Jenny said:
    June 13, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    I love your animal obsession!! The little girl inside me is wishing very hard that I grew up at your farm. 🙂

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