Papa and Susie are actually not Papa and Susie, they are Buck and Gracie. And we got more chickens

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If you are new to this blog, I’d like to say welcome to the crazy.

If you are not new to this blog, I’d like to say why haven’t you scheduled an intervention yet?


So the other night my good friend Erin was asking me about our new goats Papa and Susie. And then she asked me about Buck and Gracie. Not the horses Buck and Gracie, but the goats Buck and Gracie.

What. The. World.

Turns out these are the same goats people! And I can’t believe I completely forgot that we were going to name our goats Buck and Gracie. Well I can believe it I guess. So yesterday we talked to the kids about their names and we all agreed that we will name them Buck and Gracie. And no more name changing! There’s enough confusion around here to last us a lifetime!

In other news, it turns out my husband is:

a: crazier than I am

b: loves living on the farm

c: will do anything for his kids

I’m going with all of the above folks.

We went to Luverne (a small town about 15 miles from us) yesterday for lunch and we needed to pick up a few things for the goats and chickens. We found an amazing farm store that I’m sure I’ll spend too much time and money at.

We walked in and the kids spotted this:


Run. Run far far away.

Or instead let’s buy eight more chickens!


I left it up to Patrick and it turns out he’s liking this whole farming thing. So he didn’t even hesitate to tell the kids yes. We got four more layers and four broilers (the butchering kind).

Angel: What do you mean we are going to eat them?

Pat: Ummm…


20130616-164418.jpgMy poor kids. I don’t think they are enjoying farm life at all. : )



And two hours later, one of these precious little chickies was being buried.

But that’s another story for another time. Along with our sick Mama chicken, a goat that jumps the fence and a goat that thinks Angel is the goat mama.



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