Just another day on the farm

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As you know if you read this post, Patrick allowed the children to bring home some baby chicks last weekend.  We got them all settled and then I had to hightail it into town because I worked Saturday night.

I texted Pat on my lunch break to see how things were going and asked what they were doing.
He texted back:

“Just burying a chick.”

Um, what?

I quickly called and heard Angel sobbing in the background. They were right in the middle of all the baby chick dying drama.

No one is really sure what happened but we think the kids were holding the baby chicks and Angel accidentally dropped one.  And then accidentally stepped on one.

{Please Lord, I emphasize the word accidentally.}

Based on the extent of her trauma, we are pretty sure it was all an accident.

So we’re down to 7 baby chicks. I wonder how many will actually make it through the summer.

In other news, we have two goats for sale.


Just kidding. Kinda.

See what Buck is doing in the above picture? He’s not scratching his back. He’s trying to find a way out of that fence. Because you see our goats have separation anxiety.  Anytime they see us and we are not moving in a direction closer to them, they FREAK OUT!


Caleb is going over to the neighbors and you can see the goats over at the fence. They are crying which I’m sure can be translated,  “CALEB DON’T GO! WE NEED YOU TO STAND RIGHT NEXT TO US OTHERWISE WE WILL BE FORCED TO JUMP THIS FENCE!”

Sunday night I also had to work and when I called home on my supper break I learned that the goats had gotten out of the fence. Pat and the kids were in the house at the time and so didn’t know they got out.  Pat hears a knock on the door and there are some people standing there and ask if we are missing two goats.

You have no idea what a flashback that would have been for me.  I remember hundreds of times people calling or coming to our house when we were growing up, telling us the sheep had gotten out of the fence.

Why was I wanting to get all these animals again?

Well anyway, I had the bigger vehicle at work and so Pat and the kids loaded up into the car and drove the 1/2 mile down the road to pick up the goats.   We have leashes for them and so Pat puts the leashes on them, holds on through the window, and drives the goats back home.

How funny is that! He said he got passed like three times. HAHAHA. I can imagine what those folks were thinking.

Just another day out on the farm, huh!

Well the goats are running out of chances on this farm. Since they kept jumping the fence, I spent about three hours on Monday making a little pen for them in the barn. I was pretty proud of myself, I was sure there was no way they could get out.  And they didn’t.

Until today.

This morning we were of course running late and everyone was having a meltdown. I was trying to hurry doing chores…

We do chores every morning now.

Sorry.. anyway, I was in a hurry and so I put the goats’ feeder trough along the wrong side of their pen. Because Buck found a weak spot in the chicken wire I had put up on Monday. And by standing on the trough he was able to use his stupid head to break through the chicken wire and jump through a teenie tiny space to get out of the pen.

Thankfully our neighbors are awesome and saw they had gotten out. They put them in the barn and shut the door, which we discovered when we got back home about 1:00 today.

You have no idea how close I was to making goat stew for supper. UG!

After awhile I cooled down, and I realized it was sorta my fault they got out, and so spent another couple hours in the blazing heat fixing the pen, making for sure for sure they couldn’t get out.  I’m still on the fence though. We have to come up with a solution so I’m not having to deal with two escape artists every single day.  And if we can’t come up with something we’ll have to go with plan B.

Mmmm, stew.

: )



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