Who needs swimming lessons when a little friendly competition will do

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Yesterday we were able to spend some time at the swimming pool! It was so stinkin’ hot so it felt great.  In the past we’ve went to the “fancier” pools but after about 20 minutes the kids were bored and so it definitely was not a good use of $10. So yesterday we went back to our tried and true free toddler pool. I love it because it’s usually not too crowded and I can sit on the edge with the kids while they play.

Last summer we didn’t do swimming lessons of course, and this year we haven’t gotten around to it yet either.  So basically that means my kids can barely get their faces wet and they freak out.  But it appears to be turning around even without swimming lessons.

Now I’m not usually the mom who pushes the kids or encourages competition. But when a little girl, probably 4 or 5, came swimming by under water, and I saw the look of AWE on the kids’ faces, I couldn’t help it.

“I wonder if you guys can swim like that little girl?”

That was all it took and they dove in (literally) trying to keep their face under water.

After about 10 minutes, this was how they were doing:

How awesome is that!? They are so funny. And I was so proud of them!

Here are some more pool pictures from the big whopping two times we’ve been to the pool this summer!










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