Strawberry fields

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I was looking through pictures yesterday on my phone – all 2100 of them (YIKES) – and I realized we’ve had quite a busy summer and I haven’t blogged much about any of it. So my goal in the next few weeks is to get caught up (and to unload the pictures off my phone!).

I have a category “Summer 2012” and it consists of one post on June 7th. I read through it as I was writing this post and had to laugh out loud at this line…

(Ok, so really I cried.)

I’m trying to chill out about it a little because I don’t want the kids to remember this summer as the summer of the even more crabbier than normal mama.

Well I guess the summer of 2012 didn’t turn out quite like we had planned. But it’s in the past now and so let’s talk about the summer of 2013!

The kids and I went to a local strawberry field a few weeks ago. We are pretty blessed in that we have one about seven miles north of us and another one just a mile south and east of us.

The kids were flabbergasted that we were able to go to a giant strawberry field, pick as many strawberries as we want (well within reason, we are on a budget), and best of all, EAT as many strawberries as we want while we are picking.

I was actually surprised about being able to eat while we pick. But the guy who drove us out on the flatbed said as much. They will never be able to pick them all before the season ends in two weeks and so they expected us to eat up!

Caleb made him proud. I think he picked about 5 strawberries and spent the rest of the time eating. Angel did a good job picking but she also loves to talk. She especially loves to talk when things are new and exciting. Needless to say, I did most of the strawberry picking.

We actually only filled our two buckets about half full. We were kind of in a time crunch and decided we’d come back at least one more time when Daddy could come along.

Here are some pictures from our first strawberry picking adventure.


Tractor ride out to the strawberries – might have been the best part of the day!


My cool kids.


Ok, I have to be honest. We might have spent a great deal of our time looking for funny shaped strawberries.


I’m pretty sure this one was a chicken butt. Do you see it?


My strawberry hair girl with her bucket of strawberries.

And then I don’t have many pictures but the following week we went to the other strawberry patch with my friend Laenie and her kids. Once again, Caleb ate his weight in strawberries. Angel and her best bud Naarah did a great job picking strawberries. The ones at this field were, in my opinion, alot nicer than the other field.


We came home with that flat full! Yum!

We had planned to go back with Daddy but never made it and now I’m thinking strawberry season is coming to a close. I have a few bags in the freezer and about a gazillion bags of rhubarb so the next time strawberries go on sale I’ll stock up and Grama Barb is gonna help me make strawberry-rhubarb jam!



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