Special road trip

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Last week we took a road trip to see Aunt Nellie. This wasn’t just your normal Nellie withdrawal type road trip. It was a special road trip because we were going to celebrate her birthday!!

It didn’t start out well. The kids bickered and fought the entire way. Ug!  About an hour from Aberdeen Nellie texted and asked how it was going. When I told her not good she sent a video (lecture) to the kids.  I showed it to them and after about 5 minutes I looked back to see this:


That Aunt Nellie, she’s got some pretty special powers!


First stop was Mavericks where we had a little mini party with a lot of her employees. We did not eat half the cake for lunch.


Ok, maybe we did.


So excited to see her Aunt Nellie!


We checked in to the hotel, and then made our way to the movie theatre for Despicable Me 2!! We were so excited! The kid’s best bud Oliver came along too!  They were so funny in their 3D classes.

The movie was amazing. So funny. I can’t wait to see again with Pat.


After the movie we went back to Mavericks for supper.


And a special dessert to celebrate the birthday girl.

Yes. Yes we do have a problem.

We also went swimming Wednesday night at the hotel and the kids went down the big water slide. Angel loved it. Caleb cried.

Thursday morning we swam some more, went to Mavericks for lunch (no comment) and then it was time for a very special event.


Every other Thursday Danelle goes to DUI Court – this is where all the DUI Court participants (I think there are about 15) meet with the DUI Court team to review how they are all doing.

It was a special day for Nellie because they were celebrating her 300+ days sober. Which means she got to sign the “300” board and they had treats for everyone.


We got to meet the judge and all the other members of the her team and it was such a blessing to see them and tell them thanks for their dedication to Nellie and everyone in the DUI Court program. They really do care about these individuals and are investing so much time to help them find true healing.

Of course the really hard work is done by the participants. Danelle said that when she was in prison many of the women had said they’d rather just do their time in prison, instead of being a part of the DUI Court program, because it is so hard.  We are so proud of Nellie and thankful to God for His work in her life!



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