We named our chickens Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about the chickens. Mainly because there hasn’t really been much to talk about.

Can I get a “Thank You Jesus!”?

Our to do list is still 14 miles long, but not having much animal drama lately has been so nice!  How did we get to this place of no animal drama? Let me explain…

We got a new dog.  A dog who liked to chase chickens and one day decided to eat four of our baby chicks.

That dog is now living elsewhere.

We got two goats. Two goats who had some type of super jumper DNA in them. After two weeks of working on fence every night, watching them jump over a 5 foot fence and squeezing through a teeny, tiny hole, we found them a new home too.

Life is good without super jumper DNA goats and a chicken eating dog.

Now we just have Molly. She’s pretty sweet most of the time.


Kinda looks like she likes chicken too.

Pat went and got more baby chicks after Joey had the others for lunch. But they aren’t really babies anymore. They are growing fast.


 Unfortunately the big girls don’t like them and peck at them.

So when I let the baby chicks out yesterday for their first ever outdoor adventure, they ran over to the yellow birds, who are their friends. And then they went and hid in a corner in the barn.


Yesterday I spent a couple hours making a divider so the big chickens could be outside and in the barn and the same for the baby chicks.




Hopefully this will help the big girls get used to the baby chicks and someday (hopefully soon) we’ll combine them.

The yellow birds I referred to are our meat birds.

Who Pat has name Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

How awful is that? But kinda funny too, right? Because in case you aren’t familiar with the term “meat bird,” it means that some day they will be our chicken dinner.

It’s kinda sad too because Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are pretty sweet. And they try to fly around in their little pen and play with each other. Poor guys.


Actually they pretty much just eat all day.



       Doesn’t that fella look nice? I’m sorry but I have to say it – he’s got very nice breasts! : )

The poor things eventually get too “breast heavy” that they have trouble walking.


Since I was only 4 or 5 when we used to butcher chickens on the farm I don’t really remember how old they were. What I’ve read is that around 8-10 weeks is prime time for butchering. But of course the store we bought them from didn’t know how old they were. (Really?) We’ve had them maybe a little over a month so we’ll probably give them another month to get big and juicy! : )


We also still have our big girls.

They really are nice. Contrary to this really freaky picture. They just are territorial.

But don’t they look nice? Their feathers have come back on their necks and they look like actual chickens now.



Molly got a little too close!



I don’t think we have to worry about Molly having chicken dinner. Right Mama?


They are pretty tame now. They follow me around when I’m out there feeding everyone. It’s like having six 2 year olds. They follow me around and cluck and cluck and cluck. And then they poop all over and want more food and water. See, just like a toddler, right?! : )


This is their coop that my amazing husband build. They go in here at night to sleep so they are safe from any critters who’d want them for dinner.

We still have some finishing touches to do. We have to cut that window out so it’s a little bigger.  Good ventilation is important! And I’d love to install an automatic door that opens with the sunrise and closes with the sunset. HAHA!


That box is their nesting box. It was an old toy box we found and Pat made it into three separate nesting boxes. Then we can just go and lift up the lid and check for eggs.



While it’s a lot of work – we have to go out every morning to let them out of the coop, feed and water them.. and then at night put them in the coop and feed and water.. plus cleaning out the coop once a week – it has been such a joy having chickens. Not only having fresh eggs, but there’s something to say for good hard work. And being able to teach the kids and give them some responsibility is priceless.


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