5 for Friday

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I’m linking up today with The Good Life Blog for 5 for Friday!

~~ ONE ~~

This week was VBS. What an amazing week! Both for the kids and Pat and me too.

There’s my Angel cakes in the aisle with her buds Emma and Sophia.


After Jesus, my family and chickens, there’s not much I love more than drama!  So I was very blessed to be able to direct the VBS drama team!

vbs drama

Don’t they look awesome! They did awesome too – to God be the glory! Pat was in charge of the sound effects (ya know dragons and such..) and I’m so thankful he was willing to help.

~~ TWO ~~

My poor baby girl’s forehead and nose is swollen!



She woke up with it yesterday morning but no other symptoms. She did use her goggles at the pool on Wednesday and they were pretty tight so maybe that is the culprit. This morning when she woke up it was still swollen and her eyes are pretty purple. So I broke down and gave her some Benadryl. Hopefully that’ll take care of it, otherwise we’ll be off to the doctor!

~~ THREE ~~

Speaking of baby girls… we had the pleasure of having supper with Holly and Timothy this week. (Holly is my step-daughter) They were in town this week raising support as they’ll be on staff this coming year with Campus Crusade for Christ up at the U of M.  And then Holly got to get a ride with her daddy on his new toy.


~~ FOUR ~~

We have kale coming out of our ears! And we also have peas! It was so exciting to go out yesterday and see that. We of course did have more than just one, Caleb was just being a stinker. : )


~~ FIVE ~~

One word to describe this week? HOT! We are very thankful for the splash park in our “hometown”, which is only about 5 minutes away. And even more thankful that we had friends come join us yesterday!





HAHAHA! It’s so awesome (to watch)!

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

{Prayers are appreciated as we go back to Chamberlain tomorrow for one last load of Mom and Dad’s things. We close on the house on August 1st.}



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