What God used to heal Caleb

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As you may know, last July/August, Caleb started having pretty severe allergy and asthma symptoms. He had RSV as a baby and so every Fall he’d get the croup. He was also allergic to egg. We got him retested earlier this year because we thought he had outgrown his egg allergy.  Turns out he had which was great, but unfortunately he had acquired different allergies – cat, dog, pollen, ragweed and dust! His dust, pollen and ragweed were pretty severe according to the test and we certainly could attest to that considering the horrible late summer/fall we had last year.  The doctor also suspected he had asthma, which again we kind of suspected.

Poor guy struggled so much. Partly because we weren’t very consistent with giving him his meds. But also because we just couldn’t seem to get the right combination to keep it under control. The allergy doctor told us one thing and then we’d bring him to acute care or the ER when he had a bad attack and they would tell us another thing. So finally in April or May I think, we met with our family doctor and went through all his history, symptoms, meds and the plan of action going forward.

That plan included two steroids, a nasal spray and zyrtec every day. We also got a RX for a nebulizer so we’d have that when the daily meds weren’t keeping up.

During the last really bad attack he had, I came across something on Facebook about Frankincense helping asthma. Turns out I had some Frankincense, given to me by a good friend about two years ago when I was struggling with whether or not to go on anti-depressants.  And I just so happened to find it the day before, while unpacking.  I knew it certainly wouldn’t hurt him, so decided to give him some.

The next day he was 100x better. Now granted he was also taking his steroids and we had done a few neb treatments. So I didn’t really know what was helping him or if it was a combination.

We decided to continue to give it to him though. Thinking about putting all those meds into my little guy was really disheartening for me. Yes, I am so thankful for our doctor and modern medicine, however I also know that sometimes there are alternative and more natural options available.

With the help of our friends who had given us the Frankincense, we got some information on what to give for allergies. So we also started giving him Lavender every. After a week or so, he still had absolutely no symptoms. I knew that the essential oils were helping because when he was on all those meds before he would still have symptoms sometimes.  We started to wean him off all the meds and after about two weeks he was strictly on the essential oils.

I shared the success we had with my friends at work, and a few others, but honestly I still wasn’t convinced. Perhaps the meds we had been giving to him were still in his system. But day after day, week after week, we stuck with the essential oil only regime – a drop or two of Frankincense on the chest and forehead, a drop or two of Lavender on the back of his neck and I’d have him inhale them a little too. (And recently we also started using Peppermint for his allergies, he likes the smell of that one better. : ))

We are now towards the end of July and we’ve been using the oils for Caleb’s allergies and asthma for about 6 weeks or so.

Absolutely no symptoms.

He’s been exposed to more dust in the past 6 weeks, then probably his entire life, mainly because of our move to the farm. In the past I couldn’t vacuum if Caleb was home. If I did, even if he came in the house for a few minutes, he would have a horrible reaction. Since being on the oils, I’ve vacuumed with him IN the house and he’s had absolutely no reaction.

He’s been exposed to cats – in the past he would have a bad reaction – this time around he had no reaction what-so-ever.

He’s been exposed to second hand smoke – in the past this would trigger a bad cough and sometimes a bad reaction with his asthma – this time around, he coughed just once right before bed. I gave him a little more oil and when he woke up in the morning he was perfectly fine.

I’ve been counting the days to ragweed season – I know it’s coming up soon. That was what really affected him badly last year and what we believe started his asthma. And of course we are ready to use his prescription meds as we need to. But if the last 6+ weeks are an indication of how the essential oils are helping his asthma and allergies, I hoping and praying it won’t be an issue this year.

We are so thankful the Lord and our friends who introduced us to essential oils. The oils that we use are through Young Living – and they aren’t just the run of the mill oils you can buy anywhere. Which I believe is why they work.

Oh ya, I’ve also been off my anti-depressants for over 6 weeks. I have more energy than I can remember ever having, and I’m back on a journey to lose weight – 3 lbs this past week! Woo hoo!  I believe mostly because of the essential oils and other Young Living products we’ve been using .

(I’ll share more about my journey another time. Kind of like Caleb’s success, I’ve wanted to make sure this was the real deal before I said anything. )



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