Caleb has a girlfriend

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A few weeks after Caleb started pre-school last year, he informed us that he had a girlfriend.

We didn’t really say much about it since he’s, ya know, four. But recently the topic has come up again.

~We were hanging out with Uncle Tracy last month after he had watched the kids for a few hours.~

Tracy: So I heard Caleb has a girlfriend.

{I look at Tracy. I look at Caleb.}

Me: No, Caleb does not have a girlfriend.

Caleb {with attitude}: Uh, yes I do Mom!

Me: Uh, no you don’t Caleb.

Caleb: Mom, I do have a girlfriend. Her name is Kara. {From his preschool class.}

Me: Caleb I told you before you are too young to have a girlfriend.

Tracy: And Caleb how are you supposed to go on a date? You can’t even drive.

Caleb: Well Mom can drive us.

~We were hanging out with Uncle Tracy again a few weeks later.~

{Why does Uncle Tracy always bring this topic up? I need to talk to him about that.}

Tracy: So how’s the girlfriend Caleb?

Me: They broke up.

Caleb {with attitude): Uh, no, we didn’t Mom.

Me: Do you even know what break up means?

Caleb: No.

{A little bit later.}

Caleb: {again with attitude} Mom, I DO have a girlfriend.

He is a little charmer, isn’t he? But sorry Caleb, no girlfriends for you until you are 16 20 35.


We would very much appreciate your prayers.



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