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We now consider Larchwood, IA our hometown, and I love it more than I could have ever imagined. We are only a mile south of another small town, Hills MN, but our address is Larchwood (about seven miles south of us). There’s a cluster of a bunch of small towns in the area – Larchwood, Lester, Steen, Alvord, Inwood and Rock Rapids (did I forget any?). And they are all in Lyon county. We are slowly meeting neighbors and friends in the area and we’ve been able to experience two great events this summer.

4th of July

I worked until 4:00 pm and then headed for home as we were going to take in the demolition derby in Inwood. It was the kids’ first time at a demolition derby and so they weren’t quite sure what to think.

But there was cheap concessions so that was awesome!




Let the fun begin!



Angel demonstrating the car that had just rolled over.


My family.


After awhile Caleb started getting really fired up. I mean really. It was borderline scary.



We left a little early, but not before getting a picture with a hometown hero!


Lyon County Fair

Last week we took in the Lyon County Fair. We didn’t really know what to expect, and while it was smaller than we thought it would be, we still had a blast!

Of course our first stop were the livestock barns!




My little animal lover was in awe! She is already excited to start 4-H and get her own lamb.


It’s always bittersweet visiting the horses. We watched the horse show for awhile and before it started they had the national anthem and all the horses came out. Of course I bawled like a baby, thinking about Papa and how much he loved his horses. I’m sure everyone thought I was super patriotic! (Which is also true – it was very moving.)


I’m so thankful he helped instill that love into the kiddos and Lord willing someday we’ll have horses again.


We spent a small fortune on some carnival rides.




Yes. Yes I did do the obstacle course. (Oofta!)

The Zoomobile was there to show off some cool animals.


This is Bolt, the dragon lizard.



And then my favorite part of the day – churning butter!


These two handsome gentlemen churned for about ten minutes. We were the only ones watching for most of it, so got our own personal demonstration!


Then they poured out the buttermilk that was left over.


And put the butter on to ice since it was a little warm.


Butter and crackers!

(Side note: One of my favorite snacks growing up was butter and crackers. Is that wrong? If it is, I don’t want to be right! : ))

And now I would like to buy a cow and some bees. We can make our own butter and honey and make honey butter!



Here is Caleb saying it tastes awesome, while modeling his newly acquired $20 plastic sword.

We love small town living!



One thought on “Small town celebrations

    Danelle said:
    July 30, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    If you buy a cow or bees, i will have you committed sister. As the Lord is my witness, i am not kidding

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