God has you now

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The days kind of seem to blur together as of late, so I’m not sure what I’ve shared and what I haven’t.

But I thought I should provide an update regarding our parent’s estate. Their house did sell, although not for nearly as much as we thought we should get for it. It finally just came down to the fact that we needed to be done with it.  We close tomorrow.

And we are heartbroken all over again.

The past few weeks Pat, Tracy and I have made a few trips out to get the last of the items from their house. Over the past year we have filled over 4 dumpsters full of garbage and stuff not worth keeping. We didn’t think it would ever end! And it hasn’t quite ended yet, as now our garage is full of stuff that needs gone through. I know it’s just stuff, but some of it I can’t bear to part with yet.

It will definitely be good and help us with finding more closure, to be done with the house. I think what makes it more difficult is that Dad built the entire thing himself. His good friend Bob helped a lot and of course Mom helped. He took over 30 years of drywall and painting experience and created this beautiful home from all the ideas he’d gathered over the years.

With the sale of the house we are finally able to close out of probate. We still have to sell their two boats, but they are both paid off and so what little funds we receive from them will just be divided between us kids. With the closure of probate we’ve been working on getting all the final paperwork together, which means digging through what seems like hundreds of boxes.

I thought I was more organized than this.

I’ve also been looking through old files on my old computer and I came across the video that Pat made for their memorial service. I couldn’t help myself, even though I knew it would be extremely painful to watch, I had to push play.

It’s amazing the range of emotions one can feel. From intense joy to overwhelming grief, all within the span of a few seconds. It’s easy to glorify a life after death and think of it as something it wasn’t. And Mom and Dad did have their faults. They were human after all.

But they really were amazing.
They endured so much.
They persevered through hard times.
They were such a huge part of our lives.

How do you live each day with that gone?

In looking through all my old files, I also came across all the prayer requests from our church that had been sent out after Mom and Dad died. There was a link to the funeral home and again, I couldn’t stop myself, I clicked on it and read through the guest book.

Barely, as I could hardly see through the tears.

One comment stood out to me. It was from our cousin Sacha and it said, “God has you now.”

Oh what profound words.

God does have them now, and for that we are so thankful. As painful as this life is and as difficult as it is to bear the grief of their death, it brings us great comfort to know that God has them now.

Perhaps God took them Home, because He wanted to help us realize how much we need Him.
How short life is.
How precious relationships are.

I don’t know why, and I know that we will never know why, maybe not even in heaven (because then will it even matter?).

But I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He has them. And He has us too.

I would be remiss to not attempt to encourage you, in whatever valley God is bringing you through.

I know that whatever it is, it is so very difficult. It’s probably different from my grief. It’s probably different from the road God has called us to walk. But it’s a valley none-the-less and if you’re like me, it’s easy to want to just throw your arms up, throw in the towel, and say, “ENOUGH!”

But God wants you to endure. He is not finished with me and He’s not finished with you. No matter what He has taken away, or what He has given you to endure, He is with you. He’s got you. And you’ve got Him.

And through the tears, we can rejoice in that.



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