It’s like I had a baby

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It’s official.

I could have just popped a baby out of me.

Because I weigh only 8 pounds less then I did after I gave birth to Caleb.

Except I haven’t popped a baby out of me.

I don’t know what’s worse.

40 pounds of extra weight or giving birth to a big-headed Caleb.


Anyway, as you may know, I’ve used my parent’s sudden death as an excuse to eat all the ice cream and soda and whatever else my little heart desires.
And over a year later, I continue to justify the food choices I make.
Woe is me.
Let’s snarf down an extra large Baja Blast Mt Dew, 2 tacos and some fiesta potatoes for good measure.

And the only exercise I’ve done in the past year is… well, I can’t really think of any.

Unless you count walking to the concession stand at the movie to get a refill of popcorn.

So what’s my point?

My point is that I’ve finally found something that is going to help me find total transformation!

And I’m so excited!

It’s called Yoli and when my friend Lisa started sharing about it on Facebook, I thought for sure she’d gone off the deep end.

But after a week she’d lost 6 pounds and lots of inches and was talking about total health transformation.
Not just a fad diet that won’t last.

Because you see it’s not just about the weight.

I know how to lose the weight.
Remember, I lost 30+ pounds three years ago.
And kept it off.

But even with the weight loss I was still on antidepressants.

{Which there’s nothing wrong with. If you need them. I may have needed them temporarily but not for the long haul. I believe it was just a way to mask my symptoms of my body being out of wack and putting crappy food in it to make it even more out of wack.}

I was still drinking a gallon a coke a day.

Ok, maybe not that much, but still, I was drinking pop and not eating healthy.

But since I was exercising and counting calories, I was losing pounds and keeping them off.

But my body obviously wasn’t healthy.

And so that’s why Yoli is so different.
It really is about total health transformation.
Real food. Nothing artificial.
A life change.
With an amazing support system and real life tools and encouragement to go along with it.

And I am so ready!

I don’t have any “before and after” to show you.


But stay tuned. There’s no turning back now!



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