A painful milestone

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Angel has been asking to get her ears pierced for over a year. We hadn’t really decided when we were going to let her, but haven’t felt it was the right time.

Until now.

She’ll be starting kindergarten in two weeks and so we thought we’d let her do it as a celebration for starting kindergarten.

Last week when we were at my sisters we were going to do it, but she got scared and decided not to.

This weekend we were in the Cities visiting Holly and Timothy and today made it to the Mall of America. And since big sister Holly was there, Angel felt brave enough to get her ears pierced!

{All ready to go with Mr Ear Piercing Bear and her hero Holly!}


{I asked her who she wanted to stand next to her. Daddy.}


{Here we go! She looks so nervous!}




{All done and all better!}


{Picking out earrings!}


{A few selfies in the car on the way home.}



She was so so so so happy today afterwards. She had to call Aunt Nellie and Grama Barb on the way home to tell them the exciting news!

Here’s a short video that Holly captured of the exciting (painful) moment!

Oh that makes me so sad.

But I found this video on the phone. And it makes me so happy.

Our little girl is growing up so fast.

I got her a little earring holder and so tonight before bedtime we put all her earrings away.


And then we cleaned her ears and had to twist the earrings.

She screamed and cried.

This is going to be fun!

{Do you remember when you got your ears pierced?}



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