5 for Friday (and weight loss update!)

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Let’s start with the good stuff!

I’m on day 9 of the Yoli Better Body System and Pat is on day 5.

But honestly that’s not really the good stuff.

When I started on this Yoli adventure, I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow it to take priority over my relationship with the Lord, or with my family. Because He and them are the real good stuff.

But it’s because of them (my family) that I’m doing this. I’ve been so tired of being absent from my kids and husband – even when I was eating “healthy” and exercising. I was still zoned out and mentally foggy (which I didn’t even realize a lot of the time). I wasn’t present in their lives.

And it was on this morning that I wept over the overwhelmation (yes that’s a word) of being a mom and wife and everything else that goes with that.  I cried out to the Lord and the thought that came to me was “I’ve lost my support system.” I have siblings and close friends who are amazing, who are there at the drop of a hat, and who I am so thankful for. But the support system I had with Mom and Dad was something that left a huge hole in my life. And I knew that I would never be able to replace that support that I had from them.

Except God had other plans. And that same night, I was introduced to Yoli after fighting it for weeks! ; )  And not only have we found pure, real, natural products. Not only have we found a way to heal our bodies from the inside out. But I’ve found that support system that I prayed for. A group of people in Sioux Falls, and actually around the country, who are so passionate and caring and really want what’s best for our bodies and family.

So whether I lose 3 lbs or 30 lbs, and whether I make $5 or $5000 from the business side of Yoli, I want to always give God the glory for answering a very personal prayer and for always walking with us.


Ok, thanks for hanging with me through that!

I promised results, so here you go!

After 8 days I am down 3 lbs.

Honestly I was a little discouraged about that, but because of the amazing Yoli support system, I’ve been encouraged and reminded that it’s not about the scale. Sure I can have a weight goal, but it’s about complete healing. And oh ya, how about you do a little measuring!

That is exciting!  I’ve lost a total of 8.25 inches – 2.5 of those from my tummy!

After only 4 days, Pat is down 7 lbs! WOW! And he is only keeping track of his stomach measurements, and he’s lost 1 inch. I know he’s lost more inches everywhere, because he just looks thinner.

The best results by far has been the energy and mental clarity. And it’s an energy that is coming from the healing of our bodies and pure, natural products. Absolutely nothing with sugar, nothing with artificial flavors or colors. I’m up at 6:00 am every morning and believe me, I don’t know if that has EVER happened in my entire life. But for sure not in the past 4 years.

And the mental clarity is honestly just plain weird. But it’s real. With the Lord’s help, I’ve been writing a book for goodness sakes, something I have tried to do, again, for years!

(I’m waiting to hear back from my editing team, so I’ll let you know if this mental clarity has helped me write a book that people would actually want to read! Ha!)


The greenhouse from our hometown (Redfield, SD) gave our family two spruce trees in memory of Mom and Dad. They were up at my sister’s for awhile, and we finally remembered to pick them up last time we were up there. So the other night we got them planted.

We meaning Pat.


The kids helping dad load them up in the trailer.






All done! They look pretty far apart now, but they will be very big when they are full-grown.

You can kinda see Mom and Dad’s garden over there by the other tree. Ya know, the garden with all the weeds. :/


Nothing better than selfies with my kiddos. How’d they get so big so fast?


Speaking of my kids being so big, we have recently had some pretty interesting conversations.

After seeing my cousin’s baby, Caleb asked me the other day when I was going to have another baby.

So then I proceeded to try to explain to him and Angel about the “owies in my tummy”.

Caleb then said, “I’m going to pray to God and ask Him to take away your owies.”

What do you say to that!?

(Personally I would say “AMEN!” But I think Pat would have something else to say about that!)


The kids start school is just a little over a week. And I’ll also start my regular schedule at my job. The past few weeks I’ve just been working a few days here and there.

The kids are extremely excited about starting school.

Caleb is ready for 1st grade so that he can have Mrs. Christy as his teacher again. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he has a long time until 1st grade. But I promised him that he would still get to see Mrs. Christy in the hallway and before and after school.

And my baby girl is definitely ready for Kindergarten.

How did that happen?




I can’t say that her mama is ready though.

Even though she constantly tells us that she’s not a baby, she’ll always be our baby girl.


princess and belle with flower

belle pool 09

Our baby girl, who we thank God for every day!


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