Angel Quittem Day

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It’s Angel Quittem day today!

Woo hoo!

Today is the day we celebrate our girl and remember the official official day that she became ours forever and ever!

AQD girls-before

Me, Holly and Angel hanging out before court.

AQD family-at-court

Look at her smile!

AQD with-judge

She’s not too impressed. But we had a wonderful judge we was so thrilled for our family.

AQD angel-raising-right-hand

I’ll have to show her this. She’s solemnly swearing to always listen to Mommy and Daddy. Ha!

AQD angel-and-jamen

After court we had a party at our house for friends and family. I love this picture with our bud Jamen!

AQD family-at-house1

Blessed beyond measure!  Just love looking at pictures of my girl when she was so tiny!

And then in the blink of an eye, she’s almost 6. And smart and sassy and ready to take on the world!

IMG_5453[1] IMG_5452[1] IMG_5455[1] IMG_5446[1]

We love you baby girl!



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