Here’s what’s happening on the farm

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 {Tree climbing.}


{Selfies. Lots and lots of selfies.}


{It was Uni’s birthday today.}


{My amazing man hauling rock.}


{I couldn’t find Caleb. He was locked in the chicken coop. He was happy.}


{Cleaning out the coop.}


{Caleb being a good helper!}


{Caleb with his feathered friend. He carried her around for like an hour.}


{We started with this.}


{We ended up with this. Yeah!}


{We started with this. And when I say we I mean me.}


{We ended with this. It looks 100x better I promise. Those stinkin’ weeds aren’t going to beat me. Although it’s too bad I didn’t find this new amazing energy like 2 months ago when they started taking over my garden!}


{We had pears. Really yummy pears that were almost ready to pick. And then the other day we went to look at them and they are all bad. We think it got too hot the past 2 weeks. We are sad!}


{This is what happens when you weed the garden with a kitchen knife.}

{Don’t try this at home}


{They play for hours on their tire swings.}


{This is our pumpkin patch. I also took the knife to this. And then my hubs came to the rescue and started helping me. But two hours later I still have another two hours of work to do. But we are starting to see our pumpkins. We have lots of pumpkins! Yeah!}


{We also dug up some carrots!}


{And picked some kale. The world’s largest kale!}


{We discovered that we have brussels sprouts! I’ve been wondering if they were going to ever come in. It’s so exciting!! We are a brussels sprouts lovin’ family!}


{We still have apples. Lots and lots of apples that are getting closer to being ready to pick. Can’t wait!}


{And we still have chickens. Chickens that we are finally able to let free range. As you can see the black babies aren’t babies anymore. And they are finally getting tame enough so I feel ok about letting them out of their fenced in area.


{My red girls are quite friendly. They follow me around if I’m outside. I was sitting down in the shade taking a breaking from weeding and they came up to me.}


{To say hi I thought. But no, it was actually to peck at my toenails. The little buggers like my pink toenails!}


{Me and the girls trying to get a selfie.}


{That’s a good one!}


{Daddy saw me and the chickens hanging out. He told Caleb to come over and say, “Mom, are you ok?”}

Little stinker.

Other things happening on the farm…

We actually have a garage now to park our cars! All of our stuff combined with stuff from Mom and Dad’s house meant our garage has been packed full. So yesterday we conquered that huge project! Which means that we just rearranged and put all the stuff in other places. So I still have lots of work to do. : )

Pat has been doing more around the house and farm the past week than he’s done the entire time we’ve lived here. He came in the house the other day just dripping in sweat. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was out breaking up the cement in the big pile. I asked him why. And he said, “Because I can.”  Oh yeah!

We have flies. Lots and lots and lots and lots of flies. They are gross and we’ve tried everything to get rid of them. There are some in the house, but it’s mostly outside. All around our cars and the garage and, well really everywhere.  I realize we live on a farm and we are pretty close to a large cattle operation, but I don’t think our neighbors have flies this bad. Any fly experts out there?

I didn’t take a picture but the other night we went on a walk and we let the kids ride their bikes. On the highway. I love it because it’s actually safer than being in town I think. It’s not a busy road at all, because it’s kind of a dead end. Kind of. Anyway our next bike adventure will be teaching them how to ride without training wheels. Thank goodness we have a lot of grass!

Our to-do list is still 400 miles long. But I’m sure that’ll be the case until we breathe our last breath.

We are just so thankful for this blessing of living out on the farm!



One thought on “Here’s what’s happening on the farm

    Sarah said:
    September 3, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Just getting caught up on your blog and I just LOVE this post. Farm life personified. It gave me a breath of peace just reading it. You are giving your kids a gift – and yourselves as well. Farm on!

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