Scooby Doo Fire Awesome Boy Hunter Maximus

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We have a new family member.

Lord, have mercy.

We’ve actually been looking for a farm dog for a while now. Not that Molly isn’t the best farm dog. Well, ok, she’s not really a farm dog.

So we’ve been looking for a good farm dog that we didn’t have to pay a lot for. Actually that we didn’t have to pay anything for. And even though it’s a lot more work, Pat really wanted a puppy so that he could train him. Because as you may know, it actually ends up being more work to get an older dog that’s not trained.

Yesterday the kids and I went to see my sister. And on the way I got a text from Pat that he was going to see a puppy. While the mama’s away, the daddy will play.


Someone is happy.

And someone is not.


Hahaha. Actually she is pretty happy. It’s not too often that she finds a dog smaller than her!

He’s only 5 weeks old because his mama had 11 other puppies and she stopped feeding them all a few days ago.


He’s 3/4 lab and 1/4 heeler.


He’s so small. But so stinkin’ cute. You know that saying, “follows me around like a little puppy.” Ya, now I know where that came from. It really is true. He followed me out to the barn this morning to do chicken chores. He’ll be a good dog.

On the way home last night the kids and I were talking about names. Caleb is very creative with his names and so we were not coming to an agreement on what to name him. But thankfully Mama is creative with her tricking negotiating. Angel and I really liked the name Max. Max and Molly has a cute ring to it! And so I told Caleb that he got to name her but it had to have the name Maximus in it and we’d call him Max for short.

Meet Scooby Doo Fire Awesome Boy Hunter Maximus!


IMG_5863[1]    IMG_5857[1]

Life on the farm is certainly never boring! Especially on our farm!



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