Family rocks

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This weekend we got to spend some time with some of our family on my mom’s side.

(I like this monthly tradition we’ve started. Remember last month we got to visit family too!)

Saturday afternoon my mom’s two sisters Joanne and Beth, Beth’s husband Jack, my cousins Jessi and Kelly and Jessi’s kids, and my brother Tracy, all came out to the farm.

We got to give them a tour and Beth & Jack and Joanne brought plants for Mom and Dad’s garden. Which I forgot to take a picture of.

Unfortunately it was a little chilly and rainy outside, so it ruined our plans of having a cook-out.

Our second choice for supper was Pizza Ranch!

Our kids and Jessi’s kids… seriously how cute are they!?


After supper we went to Beth and Jack’s hotel and let the kids swim. Jessi’s husband Mike and uncle Jack also swam, thank goodness. What a couple of saints!


Caleb and Ethan jumping in the water for the 20th time.


Here’s all of us minus Patrick, who was taking the picture.

Beth and Jack go the kids a little gift and so they were pretty happy.

It was very sweet, Caleb started calling Beth and Jack “Grandma and Grandpa.” It made me sad too, but I was more thankful than sad that we have such awesome family!


Sunday after church we went to Jessi and Mike’s house for lunch

Janai and Pat having a conversation about the creepy dog.


Beth, Joanne, me and Jack. You can’t see the family resemblance, can you?! ; )


Me and my girl Janai.


All the crazy kids. I told them to yell, “Family rocks!” when I took the picture.


And us good looking cousins! Sarah, me, Tracy, Jessi and Kelly.


It was such a good weekend hanging out with family! We are blessed!



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