Holly and Apples

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 Another great part of this past weekend was that we got to see Holly!

She came out to the farm after lunch at my cousin’s.

You could say that we had a happy little brother and sister!


Who became even happier when Holly broke out the loot.

Her and her mom were doing some cleaning at her mom’s and they picked out some American Girl doll stuff for Angel.


Angel has no idea who American Girl even is, but she was still so excited!


The little brother was excited too because Holly and her mom got him a tractor and wagon.


I don’t really know what this is.

I guess just me taking another picture of my amazing kiddos.


Holly painted Angel’s nails with her new polish set that she had gotten the night before from Aunt Beth and Uncle Jack.


Random picture.

Weird husband.


After hanging out inside we ventured outside to pick some apples!

It was a little chilly but not bad after we got to work!





Don’t try this at home kids.




I’d climb a tree with you any day babe.


The chickens like apples.


It was actually pretty nice out so we just enjoyed sitting outside, watching the dogs chase the chickens and the chickens peck at the dogs.

I guess Max needs to learn a lesson eventually.


See the big star? Mom and Dad had put it on their house every Christmas – their house was on a hill, overlooking the town, and you could see it from the interstate.

We certainly aren’t overlooking anything but cows, but we thought it’d be cool to carry on the tradition and put it on our garage or barn or somewhere this Christmas.


We have so many apples!

I’m totally serious when I say that if you’d like to come out and get some just let me know.

We’ll be around the next two nights and most of the weekend. We hate to see them go to waste.


I tried a quick and easy applesauce recipe and it turned out so yummy. Our apples are pretty sweet so I didn’t need to add hardly any sugar, which is awesome!

But it wasn’t the canned version so it won’t last in the fridge long.

I think I have all of the supplies I need to can, so we might have to give that a try.


Hanging out with Holly, picking apples and just spending time together made the rest of our weekend so great!



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