When peanut butter and jelly was more important than family or Jesus

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I guess I kind of took a little unintentional bloggy break last week.  Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been doing lately!

Apple picking. And then some more apple picking. And a little more apple picking. Talk about a love hate relationship! Our offer still stands! It looks like you have about 4 days until we get our first freeze and so you are welcome to come pick as many as you can! We have both Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious and they are both scrumptious!


We got to see Holly last weekend. For the second weekend in a row! Now that’s awesome! Her, Caleb and Molly played a little soccer.



While Angel watched from the tire swing!


Last week the kid’s teachers put up a bulletin board about being thankful. Most of the kids put “Family,” “Jesus,” “Mom,” or “Dad”.

My son put: “I am thankful for God lets us have peanut butter and jelly sometimes.”


Thankfully he put the “sometimes” on there. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I let him have peanut butter and jelly every meal day!

Wasn’t life grand when it was all about the peanut butter and jelly?

Life has also been grand for Patrick and I as we continue our journey towards optimal health! After 6 weeks I’m down 12 pounds and over 16 inches (haven’t measured in awhile). I’ve gone from a size 12-14 to a size 8. But SO much more important than that is the life I feel that I’ve gotten back. Fatigue and that whole feeling of overwhelmtion (depression?) gone. Cravings gone! Crazy energy! And we are learning to eat real, pure, truly good foods!

Like this pizza.


The crust is made with egg, cream cheese, parmesan cheese and seasonings. For reals, it was SO good! We’ll never go back to “regular” pizza again.

My amazing husband is down 20 pounds and at least 5 inches just on his waist after 5 weeks.  His acid reflux, ulcer and stomach issues are gone. And seriously he doesn’t stop.

He has so much stinkin’ energy he built this kennel inside our garage yesterday in just a few hours.


And then it goes outside to their kennel. Puppies are not happy. But mama is!


And even more good news. Our grocery bill is almost cut in half every week. I used to spent $175-200 a week. On crap. The past 6 weeks we’ve spent $75-100 a week! (Pat had some extra things that weren’t groceries which got us to $116.) Yes I still give my kids peanut butter and jelly. And sometimes even the mac-n-cheese devil. But we are all taking steps towards eating real food. And loving it!


We have officially gone free-range. Well not “we”, but the chickens have. The black birds are staying put and so now every morning  open the gate for them to wander the farm, even when we aren’t here.  They like to come into the garage when we are home. They also like to come up on the back deck.


And to the front porch. Every day we are home, I hear one in particular coming up all the way to the door, clucking away, like I’m supposed to let her in or something. I love my girls and can’t wait to get more! : )


 Last week was also a big day for our Angel girl. She got to change her earrings! She’s been counting down the days and weeks (and asking non-stop) since getting them pierced.  And now we allow her to change them once a week and she’s so excited. She can even take them out by herself and this morning she got one in by herself! She took this picture yesterday, hoping it would help her get one in. : )


I’m hoping that with this new-found energy I’ll finally get our “extra” room sorted and organized. It’s where we’ve put everything we don’t know what to do with, and all of the extra stuff from Mom and Dad’s house.

This was a picture they had hanging at their house. We just realized the other day when we were looking at it that it’s a cowgirl. A cowgirl with red hair. And the horse looks just like Gracie. I don’t know if they got it because it reminded them of Angel, but we definitely plan to keep it for her and hope she’ll cherish it as much as we do.


As September makes way for October, we look forward to the beauty of fall, Angel’s birthday at the end of the month, and a visit from Aunt Nellie! We are thankful beyond words for the love of our Heavenly Father who sustains us through each and every day. We are thankful beyond words for being given the opportunity to find optimal health.

My friend Erin gave me this daily devotional that sits on my desk at work. I love it so much. And I especially love the wisdom of this day.


No matter where you are at in your life, no matter what He is calling you too, and no matter how inadequate you may feel… He chose you, shaped you and prepared you to make a difference in the world!



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