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6-year olds know how to party

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Our Angel cakes turned six on Thursday. We had a couple of days of celebrating and we aren’t even done yet as Aunt Nellie is coming down this week to celebrate again!

We always let the kids pick where they want to eat, and of course Angel picked Pizza Ranch.


We splurged a little and let them play some games after we ate.


Ok, it was for entirely selfish reasons. Pat and I are addicted love to play the arcade games. What happens at Pizza Ranch stays at Pizza Ranch, right?


Here’s Angel shooting some hoops.


We racked up 800 tickets, which was enough to get our birthday girl her own tiara and wand. And a bunch of tootsie rolls.


On Angel’s actual birthday we met daddy at Dairy Queen on the way home (about 4:00 pm). Didn’t you know? It’s perfectly fine to ruin your supper if it’s your birthday.

Strawberry sundae with whipped cream and 6 cherries on top.


Friday night was the big party. You may have seen me post on Facebook that as of Thursday night, well actually Friday morning, I had nothing planned.

For reals. I kinda forgot about ordering a cake. Bad mom moment. It was especially guilt-wrenching when like six of the kids asked me that night if we were going to have cake.

Um, no. What do you think this is? A birthday party?

Well we still had fun, even without cake.

Here are most of the girls. I think we are missing a couple that came a little later.


Eating supper.


HAHAHA! I just really looked at this picture. I guess this was the “silly face” picture. A couple of them did a pretty good job!

We had sandwiches and chips and grapes. And water.

That’s right. Bad mom forgot to buy anything to drink too.

After supper, it was on to the spur-of-the-moment-thrown-together-thank-you-God-that-my-mom-was-so-creative games.

I threw together a couple of games and stole some ideas from my mom, who was the queen of creative games.

First they had to put 25 Cheerios on a stick of spaghetti that was stuck into some play dough.


Hahaha. I busted Simeon eating his Cheerios! : )


After they finished that, they had to run over to Pat and he got them hooked up with a spoon in the mouth and a table tennis ball on the spoon. They had to walk around the table without dropping it.


I have no idea what this is. The chicken dance?


After the spoon in the mouth, they had to navigate their way through the spy maze.


Otherwise known as a bunch of streamers taped zig-zaggy to the chairs.

And then after that the finale was they had to pop a balloon and inside was a piece of gum. I didn’t get any pictures of that because I must have been helping someone it was complete chaos.

After all the fun “games” the girls made necklaces and the boys went to the other side of the room and I have no idea what they did. I think they were playing carpet ball because they were really loud. And I forgot to take a picture of the girls making their necklaces but it was lots of fun.

And thank goodness for Sophia’s mom, who stayed for the party. The girls were struggling with stringing their necklace string through the beads. Um, panic time! Well she came up with the idea of taping the end of the necklace string so it wouldn’t unravel. Crisis averted!

After that it was time for cake ice cream sundaes.


Except of course I forgot to grab a lighter or some matches. So we pretended to blow out her candles. Everyone was a good sport! Ha!

Here they are, enjoying their ice cream!


See those four boys there? More energy right there than the 15 girls combined. Wowzers! : )

And we made them line up to take a group picture.

As much work as it was, it’s so great to see this picture of their sweet faces.


Ok, it really wasn’t much work. I didn’t plan anything in advance, we had no decorations, we had no cake, and we pretty much just let them run wild.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. As the kids would say.

Here they are for their silly picture. Hahaha.


And a few last shots… Angel and her best bud Simeon.


Angel, Estee and Hannah playing ring-around-the-rosy around Simeon.


And Angel with her best bud Estee. These two are like attached at the hip.


Like I said, the birthday fun isn’t even over. Aunt Nellie (my sister) is coming on Wednesday and will be here until Saturday! Yahoo! We are all so excited. Friday night we’ll have a little get together with just family and close friends.

And maybe we’ll have a cake.

Happy birthday precious Angel girl. We love you so much!


Exciting news from the farm

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We have been patiently waiting for our one rooster chicken to become a rooster.

A little background…

We have 10 chickens.

Six lovely red ladies that we bought from some stranger in the parking lot of the Hibachi Grill Buffet. For reals.


They’ve been laying eggs for us since day one.

And four black beauties that we bought as baby chicks right when we moved to the farm in June.


Except then the Corgie dog that we had, Joey, he decided to eat our four black baby chicks.

No more chicks.

No more Joey.

Thankfully Pat made the decision to go get four more black babies.  But now they aren’t babies anymore.

black chickens

Aren’t they pretty?

They are finally starting to get tame and will follow us around a little.

Well that big guy there, he’s a rooster. We’ve known he’s a rooster. But he’s going on 6 months old and still hadn’t crowed.

Last Thursday morning was the big day. Pat had just left for work and I heard him start crowing.

The rooster, not Pat.

I ran outside to take a picture (well duh) and then called Pat to tell him the good news.

Turns out every night when Pat went out to put them all to bed, a.k.a., close the barn door, he would pet the rooster and give him a little pep talk about being a guy.

Hahaha. I guess it worked because he knows he’s a rooster now. The rooster, not Pat.

And he’s very proud of it. Especially at 7:00 in the morning.

Now we just have to decide if we’re going to let him continue being a rooster, if you know what I mean.

Well for you city folk I’ll explain.

Rooster chicken plus hen chicken equals baby chickens. Unless we find the eggs right away, then they are just regular eggs but these girls have a way of hiding out under our trees.

The only alternative is another experience like this.

As much as I enjoy cutting the heads off chickens, sorry gross but true, I think I’d rather keep rooster chicken around and take our chances with baby chicks.

Now we just need a name for rooster chicken. Any ideas?


Pumpkin harvest

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We’ve had a busy couple days on the farm, but the highlight of the weekend was harvesting our pumpkins.

Which I’ll talk about in a little bit.

In addition to harvesting our pumpkins, we harvested the rest of our tomatoes. It was very bittersweet getting everything cleaned up for winter.


I pulled out all the cages and got them stored away.


And then Pat went to town with the mower.


You won’t defeat me next year weeds!!

As you can see in the above picture he didn’t mow down the kale or Brussels sprouts


Seriously, our kale is like superhero kale. It just doesn’t stop growing. I probably have 20 bags in the freezer. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with our gardening abilities, and everything to do with the very accomplished gardener who lived at our place before us!

The kids also helped. Well kinda. They helped eat tomatoes!


While we worked in the garden, Daddy got the rest of the apples cleaned up. On Friday we had 400 mile an hour winds (practically) and so lost pretty much all our apples.


Even though it felt like all we did the past month was pick apples, hopefully next year we can do even better so not so many go to waste.


The chickens discovered Pat’s shop this weekend. They love rolling around in the dirt.

Did you know that about chickens? I didn’t. But yes, they love to roll in dirt and I guess it’s necessary to help keep them clean. Weird chickens.

Ok, now to the fun part!








Daddy helped with the big one.


My little pumpkins with all their pumpkins!


(Holy cannoli, check out those weeds! This was obviously before Pat mowed it all down!)

In addition to all this fun we also cleaned out the chicken coop (ok that’s not really fun), Pat installed a bunch of cabinets in the garage he found for free online (yeah for free stuff), and we spent some fun time cutting weeds out of Molly’s hair (that wasn’t really fun either).

It was a good, busy weekend out on the farm.


How to pray safe

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I have no idea where I saw it, but the other day something caught my eye.

It said, “How to pray safe.”

Except it didn’t. It actually said, “How to play safe.”

I kind of chuckled and thought to myself that we can’t really pray safe.

Except that we can.

Stay with me here.

I don’t think we should pray safe. But I think we can. And I think we do. I know I do.

I think praying safe is praying, “Whatever your will Lord.”

I think praying safe is praying, “Whatever is best Lord.”

Now hold on before you think I’ve lost my mind.

Sure those are good prayers. Great prayers. Appropriate prayers.  Prayers that we should be praying. But if that’s all we pray, they are safe prayers.

They are safe because we aren’t opening our hearts to God. We aren’t being real with what’s deep inside our soul.

They are safe because what is really on our heart, what is really burdening our soul is so much more.

A prayer that is not safe is a prayer that is full of faith. A prayer that is trusting in God’s will, but bold enough to go to the throne of the King of the universe with the burden that’s on our heart.

When I struggled with infertility during my first marriage, I prayed safe. When I did pray, I prayed for God’s will to be done. I prayed that I would be at peace, whatever His will was.

But month after month after month after month, the cry of my heart was so much more different from that prayer. The cry of my heart was, “This sucks. I want to be a mom so badly. Please let me be a mom. Please give us a child. But I will trust in Your will, no matter what it is.”

I didn’t pray that prayer. And I think I eventually started believing that God couldn’t hear my prayers so what was the point.

In Luke 18, Jesus teaches the parable of the persistent widow.  What an example to us. Not only to not give up and to persevere in our prayers, but to not be safe in our prayers.

I heard a song on the radio yesterday and it immediately caught my attention.  It was so real. It was a prayer that was not safe.  I think that even admitting to God that you don’t know what to pray is less safe, and opens our hearts up to hear God.

I don’t know if this makes sense. But I just know that I need to be less safe in my prayers. To be more bold and courageous.  To be more real with God. And through it all to trust in His will and timing.

Tell me will I ever catch a break
‘Cause the storms roll on and where I am
It does not feel safe
I don’t know what I should even pray
But here I am, here my hands are raised

The rain keeps falling down
As the waters flood this town
On my knees I’ll be found
All I need, all I need is You

Show me once again that you are real
Oh, this wounded heart let it start to feel
You told me love would always be enough
And here I am, my hands lifted up

Wash my eyes to see you
Wash the stains away
Give me faith to trust you
‘Cause you’re the rising day