Birthday love via video

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I thought that this year for Pat’s birthday, I’d have the kids record their love for him in videos. It turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it would.

Even Holly and Timothy participated.

Well kind of.

Pull it together girl. Hahaha. She’s so funny when she has her laughing fits.

Awesome video guys!

Angel girl is so sweet.

And then there was Bubba.

I wasn’t able to get one from Cody and Pat’s darling wife didn’t get a chance to make one either.

But Pat, your darling wife loves you more than words or videos could ever say.

If I would have made a video I would have said that I love that you make me laugh. All. The. Time.

I love that you are so steady eddie, especially when I’m all freak out worry about everything. You remind me that it could always be worse.

I love that you love your kids so much. I love that you love Jesus. I love that I get to be your wife.

Hope your day was great! And I pray for 45 more awesome years!



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