Pumpkin harvest

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We’ve had a busy couple days on the farm, but the highlight of the weekend was harvesting our pumpkins.

Which I’ll talk about in a little bit.

In addition to harvesting our pumpkins, we harvested the rest of our tomatoes. It was very bittersweet getting everything cleaned up for winter.


I pulled out all the cages and got them stored away.


And then Pat went to town with the mower.


You won’t defeat me next year weeds!!

As you can see in the above picture he didn’t mow down the kale or Brussels sprouts


Seriously, our kale is like superhero kale. It just doesn’t stop growing. I probably have 20 bags in the freezer. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with our gardening abilities, and everything to do with the very accomplished gardener who lived at our place before us!

The kids also helped. Well kinda. They helped eat tomatoes!


While we worked in the garden, Daddy got the rest of the apples cleaned up. On Friday we had 400 mile an hour winds (practically) and so lost pretty much all our apples.


Even though it felt like all we did the past month was pick apples, hopefully next year we can do even better so not so many go to waste.


The chickens discovered Pat’s shop this weekend. They love rolling around in the dirt.

Did you know that about chickens? I didn’t. But yes, they love to roll in dirt and I guess it’s necessary to help keep them clean. Weird chickens.

Ok, now to the fun part!








Daddy helped with the big one.


My little pumpkins with all their pumpkins!


(Holy cannoli, check out those weeds! This was obviously before Pat mowed it all down!)

In addition to all this fun we also cleaned out the chicken coop (ok that’s not really fun), Pat installed a bunch of cabinets in the garage he found for free online (yeah for free stuff), and we spent some fun time cutting weeds out of Molly’s hair (that wasn’t really fun either).

It was a good, busy weekend out on the farm.


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