Exciting news from the farm

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We have been patiently waiting for our one rooster chicken to become a rooster.

A little background…

We have 10 chickens.

Six lovely red ladies that we bought from some stranger in the parking lot of the Hibachi Grill Buffet. For reals.


They’ve been laying eggs for us since day one.

And four black beauties that we bought as baby chicks right when we moved to the farm in June.


Except then the Corgie dog that we had, Joey, he decided to eat our four black baby chicks.

No more chicks.

No more Joey.

Thankfully Pat made the decision to go get four more black babies.  But now they aren’t babies anymore.

black chickens

Aren’t they pretty?

They are finally starting to get tame and will follow us around a little.

Well that big guy there, he’s a rooster. We’ve known he’s a rooster. But he’s going on 6 months old and still hadn’t crowed.

Last Thursday morning was the big day. Pat had just left for work and I heard him start crowing.

The rooster, not Pat.

I ran outside to take a picture (well duh) and then called Pat to tell him the good news.

Turns out every night when Pat went out to put them all to bed, a.k.a., close the barn door, he would pet the rooster and give him a little pep talk about being a guy.

Hahaha. I guess it worked because he knows he’s a rooster now. The rooster, not Pat.

And he’s very proud of it. Especially at 7:00 in the morning.

Now we just have to decide if we’re going to let him continue being a rooster, if you know what I mean.

Well for you city folk I’ll explain.

Rooster chicken plus hen chicken equals baby chickens. Unless we find the eggs right away, then they are just regular eggs but these girls have a way of hiding out under our trees.

The only alternative is another experience like this.

As much as I enjoy cutting the heads off chickens, sorry gross but true, I think I’d rather keep rooster chicken around and take our chances with baby chicks.

Now we just need a name for rooster chicken. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Exciting news from the farm

    timothyandholly said:
    October 24, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Rooster names: Jamarcus, Rukshi, Fernando, Otis, Nafario…
    Names courtesy of Miss Calie who is relentless in her attempt to name our new car.

      Missy responded:
      October 24, 2013 at 2:48 pm

      Fernando! Love that!

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