Month: October 2013

Birthday love via video

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I thought that this year for Pat’s birthday, I’d have the kids record their love for him in videos. It turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it would.

Even Holly and Timothy participated.

Well kind of.

Pull it together girl. Hahaha. She’s so funny when she has her laughing fits.

Awesome video guys!

Angel girl is so sweet.

And then there was Bubba.

I wasn’t able to get one from Cody and Pat’s darling wife didn’t get a chance to make one either.

But Pat, your darling wife loves you more than words or videos could ever say.

If I would have made a video I would have said that I love that you make me laugh. All. The. Time.

I love that you are so steady eddie, especially when I’m all freak out worry about everything. You remind me that it could always be worse.

I love that you love your kids so much. I love that you love Jesus. I love that I get to be your wife.

Hope your day was great! And I pray for 45 more awesome years!


We’ve been asking the wrong question

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I’m sure all of us has told the joke (is it a joke or just a question), “Why did the chicken cross the road?”



Well it turns out that in the real world, out here on the farm, we don’t ask “Why did the chicken cross the road?” We ask, “Will the chicken cross the road?”


Can you see past the dirt on my window to see my chicken? I noticed her close to the road and I actually said out loud, “Is she going to cross the road?”

Yes. Yes I think she was going to. I didn’t stop to ask why. But I did run out there like a mother hen, (hahaha) and scoop her up.


(Yep. Still in my pjs.)

Bad chicken. You may not cross the road, regardless of what’s on the other side!

chicken free beer



Beer is very acidic mama chicken and acidity will wreak havoc in your precious little body! You may not have beer unless you are taking your Alkalete!



So I rescued my mama chicken from crossing the road and then she followed me to the front door.

(Ew. Really dirty window!)

I’ve often wondered why they always come to the front door but now I know.

I can imagine that her and all her mama chicken friends ask each other every day, “Why did my person go into that huge box?”

Touché mama chicken. Touché.


When life seemed more simple

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Do you ever look back at the past years of your life and think that life was so much more simple? I’m sure at the time, in the moment of life, it didn’t seem simple.

Like today. Today doesn’t seem simple. I miss my parents. I miss my siblings and I’m sad that we don’t see each other very much. I’m feeling overwhelmed with our financial situation. I’m joyful that I have so much energy and am finally healthy and am working hard towards a successful business. I look at the weather forecast and I dread having to drive in to town this coming winter. I’m concerned about my kids and are we loving them enough, teaching them enough, guiding them enough? I’m excited to be a part of our couple’s ministry at church. I wish I had more time to spend with my husband. I wish our dog would stop barking every time she’s outside. I wonder if it’s going to be a major pain this winter to have to walk out and let the chickens out and put them away at night. I wonder how much an automatic door is. I’m frustrated that I’m not spending enough time writing my book. I wonder if anyone would even read my book.

When you let your mind go, life goes from simple to major overwhelmtion, doesn’t it?

For some reason I decided to go back and look at past years on this blog and see what I was writing about.  As I read what I wrote on October 4th (or close to it) every year, life sure did seem simple.

In 2008 I had an almost 1-year old. And I was 8 months pregnant. I wrote about my girl and trying to get her to smile.

So funny. She’s always had the best faces. Hahahaha, it makes me laugh so much.

In 2009 I had an almost 2-year old and an almost 1-year old. I wrote about an adventure going to the store with my kiddos.

Ok, maybe life wasn’t so simple. Hahaha, for reals, how funny is that. And how awesome is it, that I’m not that mom anymore. I love you so much if you are that mom, wrangling 2 or more babies through the store. My kids are now old enough that I can bribe convince them they need to make good choices because otherwise they don’t get a horsie ride it’s what’s right .

Not really. Going to the store with both kids still sucks. Yes. Yes I am thankful. Very, very, very thankful for my babies. But I’m just being honest. The store is the worst.

And let me just say that I said I spent $123 on groceries and that would last us 3 weeks. What in the world was I smoking? I’m sure I would like to think it would last 3 weeks, but I also know I would have had to go back to the store 4 more times. Although at that time, I didn’t have 2 constantly starving preschoolers eating me out of house and home!

Here’s another one from 2009.

Seriously. I could watch this video of Angel 400 million times.

I actually tried to submit it to “funniest home videos,” but their website was so ridiculous I couldn’t figure it out. Perhaps that’s to prevent over-emotional mothers from submitting all kinds of videos of their wonderful children!

Here’s a video from 2010.

I can’t hear it, I don’t know if you can. But honestly it’s good enough just looking at my precious babies. For reals, how sweet are they?

It helps it you turn up the volume.

We just watched this video again for the 4th time this morning. A few things.

Caleb kind of looks like the devil. Just saying.

When I ask him what he’s having he says, “hot dogs” and “cheese”. HAHAHAHA. He used to say that all that time.

How sweet are their little voices.  And dow amazing is my girl that she can say alveterzane.

After looking back at these posts, there’s one thing I can say for sure.

Today, amidst all the crazy of life, it might not seem so simple. But life certainly is sweet.


When God ran

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The other day as the kids and I were leaving from school, I saw a mom who was having a little bit of a panic attack. Her child had gotten away from her and she couldn’t find him. She was yelling and looking all over. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I saw that she finally located him, hanging out with a friend down the sidewalk.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or have ever babysat, you probably have experienced this. It’s the worst feeling in the world, isn’t it? Those little ones move so fast and it seems like in the blink of an eye, they can be gone.

And then when you find them, down the sidewalk with a friend, or hiding in a clothes rack, you experience the feeling of complete relief and joy.

The moment I saw that mom at school that day, I thought about God and how He feels when His children run away from Him.

I’ve been that child. Stubborn, prideful, and thinking that my way was much better than God’s way.

But God was just like that mom. Just like each of us when our child or the child we are caring for gets away from us.

Isn’t it amazing to think about how much God loves us? The God of the universe. The Creator of all that is. This same God runs after His children, longing for you and me to come home.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. Luke 19:10

I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak. Ezekiel 34:16

This song, “When God Ran,” is a little bit of an oldie. Ok, it’s really an oldie. But it is so good. It encompasses the heart of God and His great love.

Almighty God, The Great I Am, 
Immovable Rock, Omnipotent, Powerful,
Awesome Lord.
Victorious Warrior, Commanding King of Kings,
Mighty Conqueror and the only time,
The only time I ever saw him run,
Was when…He ran to me,
He took me in His arms, 
Held my head to His chest,
Said “My son’s come home again!”
Lifted my face, 
Wiped the tears from my eyes,
With forgiveness in His voice He said
“Son, do you know I still love You?”

He caught me by surprise, When God ran…

The day I left home,
I knew I’d broken His heart.
And I wondered then, if things could ever be the same.
Then one night,
I remembered His love for me.
And down that dusty road, ahead I could see,
It was the only time,
It was the only time I ever saw Him run.
And then…

He caught me by surprise.
And He brought me to my knees.
When God ran… I saw Him run to me.

I was so ashamed, all alone, and so far away.
But now I know, that He’s been waiting for this day…

I saw Him run to me,
He took me in His arms, 
Held my head to his chest,
Said “My son’s come home again!”
Lifted my face, 
Wiped the tears from my eyes,
With forgiveness in His voice 
I felt his love for me again.
He ran to me,
He took me in His arms, 
Held my head to his chest,
Said “My son’s come home again!”
Lifted my face, 
Wiped the tears from my eyes,
With forgiveness in His voice 
He said “Son”
He called me Son.
He said “Son, do you know I still love You?”
He ran to me (When God Ran)
(I saw Him run to me) 
And then I ran to Him 
(When God ran)
When God ran