When dead things live

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Dad had this plant that he refused to get rid of. We would always hassle him about it because it was obvious that it was in bad shape. It looked hideous. It was very close to being dead. But dad refused to throw it away.

After Mom and Dad died we were faced with the dilemma of what to do with this dumb plant. None of us had the strength to throw it away. So it sat at their house that first year, getting watered maybe once a month. Through the spring and summer of this year, it probably didn’t get watered at all.  In July when we sold the house and had to move everything out, the plant was dead. As in dead dead.  But we still couldn’t throw it away and so Pat and I took the plant home with us. It’s been sitting outside our house since then.  It hasn’t been watered. Well, except for when it’s rained. We’ve gotten a freeze here, for at least the past few weeks.

This plant was dead. As dead as dead could be.

Last weekend we did some clean up around the farm in preparation for winter. The kids and I were working in the front, and I was cleaning up all my planters and old plants.

I picked up dad’s plant and was about to walk it over to the dumpster. It was time to say goodbye.

Except that I saw this.


I couldn’t believe it. I took this picture and sent it to my siblings, and they couldn’t believe it. Even Caleb was excited about it because he knew that Papa’s plant had been dead.

How was this possible? Neglected for over a year. No water. Left outside.

I know it might seem silly, but I believe it was a message from God. Maybe a message from Dad.

I’ve really been struggling the past few weeks. Like majorly crazy struggling. And I think that my siblings have been struggling too.

And it was like Dad and God were reminding us to keep on keeping on. That through whatever struggle we are facing, to be reminded that God is near. And that He can take any situation and turn it around. That He can work through anything. That He is there, walking with us. That He can take something that was dead and make it alive again.

I hope that this can encourage you also. That maybe God wants to speak this same truth to your heart. No matter the struggle you face. No matter the heartache or impossible situation.

A struggling marriage.
A bad financial situation.
A health crisis.
A broken heart.

God is there. He wants to breath His hope and peace into your situation. He wants us to know that He will provide the strength we need. He will walk with us. He will carry us.

A dead plant. Made to live.

Let that same miracle work in my life. In my heart. In every situation I face that seems too hard.

He brings life. He makes things new. He makes the impossible possible.



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