Pastor Caleb

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I keep telling Caleb that he’s going to be a Pastor.

And then he says, “Um, no Mom. I’m going to be a Worker Firefighter Police Officer.”

So I say, “How about you be what God wants you to be?”

Which he responds, “Ya I know Mom. God wants me to be a Worker Firefighter Police Officer.”

Well ok then. Can’t argue with that.

My rowdy, all-boy, bad guy fighting, baby boy is also a God-loving tender-hearted little guy. I wanted to share some of his thoughts about God, mainly so that I can have a record of it when I’m old and forgetful. Like next week when I turn 40. Like in 20 years.

So here are some thoughts from Pastor Worker Firefighter Police Officer Caleb:

“Mom even when we don’t talk God knows want we’re thinking! He knows everything! And He knows what we’re gonna do even BEFORE we do it! AND Papa knows everything about God because he is with God!”

I might have cried after he said that. Sad tears of joy.


“Mom I’m gonna wear this necklace so everyone knows that God is the true true God!”



“Why didn’t God have a beginning and why can’t God die?”

Which began a rather long conversation about the attributes of God. And a reminder that I need to read my bible more!


Caleb: “Mom, Dad said the garage is his! It’s not his mom!”

Me: “Well, he said that Caleb because he’s cleaning it and God gave it to him to take care of it.”

Caleb: “Mom. God gave it to all of us. We all have to take care of it.”


Every time we walk through a parking lot or cross the street:

“Mom, I don’t have to hold your hand because I’m holding God’s hand.”


Last night we were doing our “thankful pumpkin”, an idea I stole from my friend Shantel. The first night Caleb said he was thankful for dragons. He was very adamant about his appreciation for dragons and so I couldn’t rain on his dragon parade. So last night I was anticipating him to say snakes or spiders or Scooby Doo… his three favorite things after dragons.

But instead he said, “I’m thankful that God helps me to love God.”

I said, “So you are thankful for God?”

And he said, “No Mom. I’m thankful that I love God.”


Me too, sweet boy. Me too.



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