Good neighbors

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Our acreage/farm is a little bit unique for out here in the wide-open corn fields of Iowa. Unique in that we have a neighbor.

It was such an answer to prayer when we moved out here, as one of Pat’s concerns was that the kids wouldn’t have friends to play with. The first time saw the place, we drove up to see three kids (ages 5, 6 and 8) playing in their yard, right next to our house. They have turned out to be wonderful neighbors, the kids are best buds, they love the Lord like we do, and we are so thankful!

And it’s not just the people who we consider good neighbors.

There’s Trapper, our neighbor’s dog.


Hey buddy. Trapper comes over to see us all the time. And our dogs, well mostly Molly, goes over to their house all the time to bother Trapper.

The neighbors have chickens too. They are the dark red ones right in the middle of the picture.

You can also see our neighbor’s house in this picture. They are pretty close for being out here in farmland!


As you can see in the next picture, our rooster, Ferdinand, has started a relationship with these pretty ladies. He will go over to their house and then a little bit later they’ll all come over to our house. And then at night they all go back to their home coop. Honestly, it’s very strange.  We didn’t realize it, but we learned this weekend from our neighbors that our red chickens have been going over to their house. They found a nest with 22 eggs in it! We thought our girls weren’t laying as many eggs because of the cold, but I guess not!


This past weekend we were hoping to get all our leaves raked. We have amazing, huge, beautiful trees in our front yard.


But those trees have a lot of leaves!  Thankfully Caleb and one of the neighbor friends decided to help us out.


Although I think they had ulterior motives!



It was crazy windy so our leaf raking didn’t last long. I went back into the house to do some cleaning and baking, and about 30 minutes later I looked out the window to see Pat standing on top of the bucket of a skid steer, way up in the air with a chainsaw reaching up trying to cut off a branch.

Holy canoli.

I said a prayer for my crazy darling husband. And then I went and got the camera.

But I was too slow. By the time I got back to the window they had moved on to bigger and better projects. They being Pat and our neighbor John. Bigger and better projects being deciding to cut down some of the trees in our tree claim between our properties that had gotten damaged in the ice storm last spring.

I kinda stood in awe as they cut the first one down. There wasn’t a lot of space for that big tree to fall. It had to fall exactly right. If not there was our barn, the chicken coop barn, or our apple trees that were going to get damaged.  But sure enough it fell just right. It made a huge crash as it landed and the kids cheered. Haha, I wish I would have gotten it on video.

But I did video tape the 2nd and 3rd trees they decided to take down.

Here’s the 2nd one.

The last one was a little bit more tricky. This video was about 10 minutes into the operation. They got it sawed and it started to fall but then it stopped. It ended up getting stuck on the tree next to it. So John went and got the skid steer and as you can just barely see in this video, he had to push against the tree with the bucket.

Just a little bit nerve-racking. And who was the idiot standing there video taping anyway. Geez. : )

So after the trees were cut down, we had the fun job of hauling all the wood to our big burn pit. (Not.) But John and his wife Joy helped us and so we got the job done pretty quick.

Dogs. Chickens. Borrowing skid steers. But most of all, good friends and neighbors. We’ve been blessed.


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