Farm happenings

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What were we thinking?

Just kidding. We still love living on the farm. Despite the extra work, the big driveway that needs plowed, the old house that needs tons of work and all the mice friends we’ve acquired.

Our older house has been interesting as it’s gotten colder. The windows are extremely drafty so Pat put up some plastic on the outside of the big picture window and that has helped alot. And then over Thanksgiving weekend our furnace started acting up. Acting up as in blowing cold air. We have a backup that runs on fuel oil – I don’t really understand all that – but it would work when we switched it to backup. We just can’t run it on backup all the time because of course it’ll burn all the fuel oil.  So we continue to have to go back and forth as I guess the heat pump on the furnace keeps freezing up.  I’m afraid we are going to have to replace the furnace some day soon. Which is funny, but not really, considering how much a furnace costs. Oh well, one day at a time, and God always provides.

For awhile now our egg numbers have been down. We attributed it to the cold weather, but it turns out our dogs have been getting in there stealing eggs. So last weekend Pat raised up the nesting box so the dogs can’t reach it. We’ve also been having to clean out the coop more often than in the summer since they are spending so much time in there with it being cold.  That’s always fun. Or not.

Pat has some projects he wants to work on this winter, one being our master bedroom closet. I’m so excited for what he has planned. I also am really missing a bathtub. We only have a shower, but have the space to build out the current bathroom to add a bath. Of course that takes time and money, so I don’t know that it’ll happen anytime soon, but it’s at the top of our list.

Also at the top of our list is destroying the mouse family that has overtaken our house. We knew there were a couple and we had caught a couple, but hadn’t seen any for a while. Well a few weeks back I noticed droppings where we keep the dogfood. And then the other day one of our drawers in the kitchen was full of droppings. DISGUSTING!!

This past weekend I emptied out all of the bottom cupboards and drawers and gave everything a good cleaning. We had all the cereal and snacks in the bottom cupboard and so I put the cereal in plastic containers and threw away anything that was open just to be safe. I moved all the canned goods to the bottom cupboards and we’ll put any snacks in the top cupboard.  We put some more traps out and also added to our family.


We are now the happy owners of two kittens. Two kittens who better have an appetite for mice! They are going to be outside cats since Caleb is allergic, so I’m not sure they’ll help with the mice indoors. But we have seen them in the chicken coop and the garage and the barn too. So they have their work cut out for them.


They don’t seem to think they are outside cats though. We let them in the house this weekend and now of course they are traumatized to have to be out in the sun-room.

Caleb was so upset about not being able to play with them, so we let him “hold” one.


His Christmas list this year: a gun and his own pet.


He has 2 dogs, 2 cats and 10 chickens. But according to him none of them are just his special pets.

This girl is the happiest I think I’ve ever seen her.


She LOVES cats. Loves, loves, loves them. She is in kitty heaven. She asks us about 10 times a day if she can go out and pet the kitties.

We let them name the kitties of course, and we ended up with:

Flower and Cheetah.

Can you guess who named who?

So anyway, back to Mickey and his friends. The next night, I guess Monday night, after I cleaned out the cupboards and moved food out of the bottom cupboard, Pat found a mouse on the COUNTER!!! Gross, gross, gross!!!  I wasn’t home from work yet, and I guess he and the kids chased it around for a while but it got away. So more cleaning and he set more traps.  I know that’s just part of life when living in an old farm-house, but still.  If anyone has any creative mouse hunting ideas, please share!

Well that’s about all that has been happening on the farm lately.  In a few months we’ll have more exciting news as we’ll be adding to our feathery flock! Yes. Yes we are. And we can’t wait! : )



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