Uncle Jim is undermining my authority

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My brother Jim arrived in beautiful sunny South Dakota yesterday (Tuesday) late morning.


This dude lives in Florida. As in this Florida:


I have no idea why we aren’t visiting him. Well actually I do, it’s because flying four people to FL is not cheap. So we made him come here.

He loves it though.

He got to ride for 3 hours through crazy blowing snow to the coldest place in the state. (Aberdeen) And then he got to watch The Little Mermaid with his niece and nephew.


Fun times.

So before we left for Aberdeen on Tuesday we met my other brother for lunch at Pizza Ranch. The kids asked for money to play the games or get candy or something. I said no.

Guess what Uncle Jim does? You guessed it. He gives them some money so they can buy the ridiculously large gum balls .

And then today we were in Aberdeen at the mall. We were at the play land and the kids were once again asking for money. Once again I said no.

I’m not always this mean. Just saying.

Meanwhile Jim was getting a pop and came over to us as he was putting his cash back in his wallet. The kids went running over to him and he said, “Get away from me you little piranhas!”


Finally. He’s gonna stand his ground with them.

By the way that was exactly what my dad would have said. It was cool. In a sad sort of way.

So yeah, Jim was finally not giving in to the kids.

Until 20 seconds later when he walked over to them and gave them some coins.


Yes. Yes those are more ridiculously large gum balls.


Uncle Jim has been constantly undermining my authority.

And I really wish he lived closer so he could do it more often!

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