She knew we’d need each other

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I was looking at videos tonight on Mom’s youtube channel.  I came across a video she made less than 3 months before her and Dad when home to heaven. She loved to make videos and usually they were with videos she had recorded of Angel and Caleb.

But for some reason, on March 24, 2012, she posted this video:

The timing of it is all so weird to me.  I didn’t know what prompted her to make it, but then I found this on her blog:

Of course we could have no idea that weekend she talked about in Sioux Falls would be our last together as a family. But she knew we’d need each other. That we’d have each other and would be there to support each other. That we we would be together through thick and thin.

Life is still crazy and busy and we don’t see each other as much as we’d like. But I’m so thankful that we have each other for the days ahead!


{End of March, 2012)




{December, 2012)


{June, 2013}


{December, 2013}



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