Our first season of mud

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When we moved to The Farm last year it was late May. Just about summer and nice and dry.  Just like everyone else, we have been anxiously awaiting the coming of Spring. It’s been a long winter.  We realized today how long it has actually been.

A long winter means lots of melting snow. Lots of melting snow means lots and lots and lots of mud.


Ug. What a mess. But that’s just life on the farm.

Washer and dryer, get ready!

Pat got the lawn mower tractor out to haul a bunch of chicken feed from the car to the chicken coop. The kids were so excited because they got to drive for the first time this season.


Pat lets them do all the steering themselves and they absolutely love it.

After lots of play time and lots of chores too it was time to head inside. Except that Pat got his little tractor stuck in the mud. His amazing wife came to the rescue and helped push it out.

Except that she fell. In the mud.

Angel felt it was necessary to take a picture.



You’d think growing up on a farm I’d be used to all the mud and yuck. But yuck.

This is how Angel feels about all the mud.


Hahaha. She’s so funny.

While Pat was putting the lawn mower away the kids decided to start playing in the mud.


Hey Mama Chicken.

[The chickens are so happy to be out of the coop!]


I think he was contemplating jumping over the mud.

And then he got stuck.

And then he fell down.


Oh ya. I’m quick with the camera! HAHA.


Let me take your picture Bubba before I help you up.

And then Angel lost a boot and she freaked out. Poor girl, it’s going to be a long spring!

But Daddy came to the rescue!


As much as we’re not real prepared for all the mud, we sure do love what all the mud means!

Sun and spring and a lot more time outside!




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