Month: April 2014

Goodbye Farm

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I’ve been staring at the computer screen for 10 minutes now. And I’m still not sure what to say. But it’s time we share the news with you all.

I don’t want to be too overly dramatic. I know it’s probably hard for you to imagine me being dramatic, right? Ha!

So anyway, yes the title of this post says it all. We are moving off the farm.

I don’t really feel I need to go into details about our decision, but I can share that we know that God is telling us to simplify and let some things go.

And so it’s come to the end of a dream.

(There’s the dramatics for you.)

For the most part I’ve stopped crying about it. I just absolutely love the tranquility of it out here. There is such a peace and a beauty. I love my chickens. I love the feeling of freedom and hope as you look at the sunrise over the corn fields.


But I’m trying to focus on the good that will come from moving off the farm. Just a few that come to mind:

~Hopefully we’ll get our budget back on track.

~No more driving 1+ hours every day to and from Sioux Falls.

~More opportunities for bike rides and walks.

~More time with family.

~More opportunities for fellowship. I’ve really missed this. We often used to have friends over and play-dates and I’m very excited to start doing this again more regularly.

Everything has really been coming into place.

We were able to find new homes for the chickens within two days.

And the goats too. Well goat. I guess I didn’t share that story yet. Our lamb died as I already blogged about. And then we got a little goat to keep Pixie company. And then that goat died.  It’s obviously we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.

So anyway, it was nice to be able to find homes for everyone quickly. We get to take Molly with us and my amazing sister is going to take our two cats for the time being.

We also were able to find a small house to rent in Sioux Falls, in our budget, in a nice neighborhood, lots of room and from what we can tell so far, a great landlord. Another huge blessing that we are extremely grateful for.

And yes we are under contract with the farm. But again, God has been faithful to provide, even when it feels like we’ve been so unfaithful in taking care of what He has already provided. The owner of the property is willing to work with us and we are now in the process of finding someone to take over the contract. We have had many people interested and so again, we are so grateful. Please continue to pray with us that all the details will be worked out.

So I guess that’s all there is to report. Ha! That’s all, huh?

We move back in to town on May 15th or around that time anyway, depending on when someone takes over the farm.

In all honestly both Pat and I have felt very defeated over this decision. We have peace that it’s the right decision, but we still feel defeated. Like we’ve failed again. All these grandiose plans gone forever. I know our lives will be somewhat simpler and hopefully that will be a good thing for our family, for the kids. And I have to trust where God leads us, even though it’s not exactly what I want.

Part of my heart-break is because I feel like I’m leaving a part of Mom and Dad out here. I know the joy they would have found in knowing we had this place. I know they would have been so proud. And I’m sure they are proud no matter what, but it still hurts to leave this place and know that a dream has died.

Well now. I’d say that’s about enough of the dramatics, don’t you think?

We very much covet your prayers over the next few weeks as we transition back to the big city.

I’ve been listening to this song over and over the past few days.

All is well. Not because of where I live or what I do and what I have. But only because of God’s great love.