When life hands you lemons resist the urge to throw them at people

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We’ve been in our new house now, back in the big city, for a little over a week.

We’ve met 7 of our neighbors already. 3 of which have brought us either breakfast or supper. And the kids have made some great friends. Seriously. Best neighborhood in town.

We’ve had a garage sale.

And Pat’s lost his job.

Oh life. When are you going to get interesting?

So yes, a very unexpected turn of events. After working at the same company for over half his life, 24 years and 3 months to be exact, Pat was let go yesterday.

No need to go into details about that.

What I will go into details about is the fact that my husband is one amazing man. He’s at peace about it and listens to me vent and then says, “Missy you just need to let it go.”

And then he prays and asks God for direction and peace and guidance. And trusts that everything will be all right.

Today he took the kids to the zoo and he’s been doing an amazing job of unpacking the gazillion boxes we still have to unpack. I love my man.

All of this was definitely an answer to prayer about whether or not I should go back to working full-time. I’ve been applying to jobs, had an interview today, but holding out for one in particular. The challenge is knowing how long to hold out. And honestly in my opinion why get a full-time job when we are going to move to Florida?

Ha! That’s my plan so that we can be close to my sweet little baby niece that is going to make an appearance in a few short months. And I suppose being close to my brother and sister-in-law would be nice too. : )

But Pat isn’t quite convinced that Florida is God’s will for our lives.  Ok, he’s not at all convinced.

Well that’s really about all that’s going on in our life right now.

If you are familiar with my blog at all, you know that music is something that reaches deep into my soul. Yesterday I came across a new song by David Crowder. There were so many things yesterday that God used to make himself known to us in such a huge way. This song was one of those things.

I write this post knowing that despite some of these “hard” things going on in our life, our life is not hard. We have no idea what hard is. We are blessed beyond measure. Just as sure as God watches over the sparrow, even more so does He watch over us. And so even in the confusion and questions we know and trust that really it will all be ok.




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